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Bernie Sanders: Israel Run by a “Right Wing . . . Racist Government”

So therefore, ergo, the Israelis who just elected him are a bunch of racists as well.

The Israelis are surrounded by people who do not merely want their own state, but who want to destroy Israel. That’s why they have, now five times, voted in a man, Benuamin Netanyahu, with a sober view of the situation.

Incredible to me as a Jew that the most dangerous thing for Israel would the election of first Jewish president, in the form of Bernie Sanders.

Netanyahu: Trump Embassy Move Will Be Remembered By Jews “Throughout the Ages”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Monday compared President Trump’s actions toward Israel to those of British Lord Balfour and Harry S. Truman, who played key roles in establishing the state of Israel, saying that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would be remembered by Jews “throughout the ages.” He said the U.S. Israeli alliance has never been stronger, at least in the past 40 years.

Netanyahu spoke in the Oval Office:

Mr. President, Donald, Melania: Sara and I want to thank you for your extraordinary friendship and hospitality. It’s always a pleasure to see you, both but this is the first time we meet in Washington — America’s capital — after you declared, Mr. President, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And this was a historic proclamation followed by your bold decision to move the embassy by our upcoming National Independence Day.

I want to tell you that the Jewish people have a long memory. So we remember the proclamation of the great King Cyrus the Great — Persian King. Twenty-five hundred years ago, he proclaimed that the Jewish exiles in Babylon can come back and rebuild our temple in Jerusalem. We remember, 100 years ago, Lord Balfour, who issued the Balfour Proclamation that recognized the rights of the Jewish people in our ancestral homeland.

We remember seven years ago, President Harry S. Truman was the first leader to recognize the Jewish state. And we remember how a few weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr. President, this will be remembered by our people throughout the ages. And as you just said, others talked about it. You did it. So I want to thank you on behalf of the people of Israel. And I also want to — I look forward to our discussions on both challenges and opportunities . . .

Mr. President, I’ve been here for nearly four decades with talking and seeking to build the American-Israel alliance.  Under your leadership, it’s never been stronger, and the people of Israel see your position on Jerusalem, they see your position on Iran.

Trump to the Israelis and Palestinians: Let’s Make a Deal

President Trump Tuesday offered up the dubious proposition that the Palestinians are ready for peace with Israel.

As far as I’ve observed, the Palestinians are always ready to make a deal, until it comes time to make a deal. And they suggest they are ready to live with Israel, but teach their children to throw the Jews into the sea.

During an appearance with Palestinian Authority President Abbas, Trump said:

As I discussed with President Abbas in Washington earlier this month, I am committed to trying to achieve a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians and I intend to do everything I can to help them achieve that goal. President Abbas assures me he is ready to work toward that goal in good faith. And Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised the same. I look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace.

Later, during an appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:

As I have repeatedly said, I’m personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a peace agreement. And I had a meeting this morning with President Abbas and can tell you that the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace. I know you’ve heard it before.”

Trump added that dealmaking “is what I do.”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu offered Trump a reality check.

As you said this morning, Mr. President, funding and rewarding terrorism must end. Standing next to you, President Abbas condemned the horrific attack in Manchester. Well, I hope this heralds a real change. Because if the attacker had been Palestinian and the victims had been Israeli children, the suicide bomber’s family would have received a stipend from the Palestinian authority. That’s Palestinian law. That law must be changed.

No doubt, the man who fashions himself the world’s greatest dealmaker wants to complete the Mother of All Deals, finally finishing the world’s most famous uncompleted agreement.

The last three presidents have all tried it. The results have not been good for Israel, and I see no reason to believe the Palestinians are any more serious about accepting Israel now than they have in the past. Israel has offered deals before, been rejected, and is doing pretty well at the moment without one. At least for now, leave well enough alone.

Netanyahu to Kerry: Don’t Blame Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ripped Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Israeli-Palestinian relations Wednesday, criticizing the nation’s top diplomat for blaming Israel for the region’s problems, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Like the resolution that John Kerry advanced at the UN (Security Council), John Kerry gave a skewed speech against Israel. For over an hour, Kerry dealt obsessively with the settlements and almost didn’t touch on the root of the conflict — the Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office read.

But Ugandan President Museveni Digresses

I found this recently and thought you might want to see it, just since it is one of the strangest things I’ve seen recently.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu was in Uganda early last month to mark the 40th anniversary of the Israeli raid on Entebbe, which freed Israeli hostages being held by then-President Idi Amin.

At the ceremony, current Ugandan President Museveni delivered the most absurd speech I have ever heard by an international leader, while Netanyahu politely listened. He referred to Israel as Palestine, repeatedly, and started talking about Jesus, Britain’s Lord Balfour, and some of his personal experiences related to nothing in particular.

Video || Netanyahu Blasts Iran Deal at UN

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cogently outlining for a non-listening world the problem with President Obama’s Iran deal: That if Iran does what it is supposed to, it will remain a tyranny, continue its aggression, and eventually build nuclear weapons:

“When bad behavior is rewarded, it only gets worse,” Netanyahu said.

Here, Netanyahu decries the “deafening silence” of the UN in response to Iran’s vows to destroy Israel, and then adds some deafening silence of his own to bring home the point.

Netanyahu: “We Will Always Defend Ourselves”

And now we must turn to the question, what will Israel do now that Iran is guaranteed nuclear weapons under today’s deal?

I’ve read some reports that Israel has already waited too long and that it would be difficult for it to take out the Iranian nuclear weapons program. I’ve also read that if the Israeli air force dropped by Iran for a visit, it could set the program back at least a few years. Perhaps that would render the new agreement moot, since it deals with a program that would no longer exist in the same form. Then a future U.S. president would have the option to act militarily if Iran tries to reconstitute its program in the absence of an agreement.

An American strike would no doubt be devastating, and it’s not clear to me that Iran would pick up the pieces and move ahead. So there may be some value for Israel in kicking the can down the road by striking now.

The fallout from an Israeli attack would be immense. But I don’t know how Israel can possibly tolerate an Iranian nuclear weapon pointed its way, which is what the agreement ensures – albeit perhaps with a delay of ten to fifteen years, assuming Iran doesn’t successfully cheat.

Netanyahu hinted Israel might act. But he has also done a lot of hinting for a long time.

He said today:

The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday . . .

By not dismantling Iran’s nuclear program, in a decade this deal will give an unreformed, unrepentent, and far richer terrorist regime the capacity to produce many nuclear bombs. Intact, an entire nuclear arsenal, with the means to deliver it. What a stunning, historic mistake.

Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran . . . because Iran continues to seek our destruction, We will always defend ourselves.

Obama Calls to Give Bibi Hell

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White House to Bibi: You Can’t Take it Back

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Obama Aides Won’t Rule Out Lessening Support for Israel

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