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Biden Jinxes U.S. Soccer Team

Vice President Biden showed up in Brazil to watch the United States play Ghana in the World Cup tournament, jinxing the U.S. team for the rest of the tournament. Despite the jinx, the United States eked out a 2-1 victory over Ghana in a game they would have won 7-0 had Biden not shown up.… Continue Reading

White House Gates Strategy: What’s the Big Fuss?

The White House today low-keyed its response to an incendiary book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, suggesting nobody in the White House particularly cared much about the 640-page tome. Gates made a series of damaging charges against the Obama administration, including that Vice President Biden was a serial… Continue Reading

Biden Welcomes Delaware Sandwich Shop to DC

Biden arrived at a Delaware-based sandwich chain’s new local outlet in Washington to pick up lunch for him and President Obama. Biden, who is famously cheap – check out his charitable giving – was short of cash. Of course, he refused the offer of a free sandwich from someone at the shop who clearly doesn’t… Continue Reading

Biden: Obama Told Website “All Ready to Go”

President Obama was told “by the pros” that the website was “all ready to go” before it began operating October 1, according to Vice President Biden. Given that the website had failed in the limited testing that was done, Biden’s contention amounts to a claim that Obama was misinformed by his staff or contractors about… Continue Reading

Biden: Gore Won the Presidency in 2000

Vice President Biden said Tuesday evening that Al Gore was the actual winner of the 2000 presidential election and that his willingness to abide by the law and accept the Supreme Court ruling giving the election to George W. Bush was an act of nobility. Biden, who spoke at a Washington fundraiser for Senate candidate… Continue Reading

Biden: With AR-15, You May Accidentally Kill Kids in Next Room

Vice President Biden today sought to defend himself against those who have ridiculed his suggestion that homeowners protect themselves with a double-barrel shotgun, arguing that a semiautomatic AR-15 could cause people to kill their children by shooting through the wall. Biden, who appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, also proposed that people are buying guns… Continue Reading

Biden Mocks the Basis of Second Amendment

This guy is the vice president, the former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and supposedly a leading Democratic expert on gun issues. And yet, he doesn’t understand the Second Amendment. From an event earlier today: Let’s allow Alexander Hamilton enlighten him: If circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of… Continue Reading