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Beto Quits the Democratic Primary

Well, he said he was born to do this, as he began the primaries. But apparently, he was born to do something else

Let’s give some credit to Democratic voters. They figured out that this guy is a phony.

And he can’t get elected Commissioner of Ant Hill Removals in Texas after his talk about confiscating guns.

Beto: Trump “Shit-Eating Smirk” Caused Massacre

O’Rourke continues to say anything to save his campaign.

He has to, because he knows he’ll never win again in Texas after promising to confiscate guns. It’s the presidency or nothing.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Beto O’Rourke claimed President Trump’s response to a rally attendee who shouted that Americans should “kill” illegal immigrants led to the shooting in El Paso, Texas.

During an interview with the Washington Post, O’Rourke was asked about his statements from earlier in the week when he compared the Trump administration to the Third Reich. He claimed that Trump has a pattern of comments that show he is worthy of the comparison. 

In May, Trump held a rally in Florida where he explained the methods used by illegal immigrants to get into the country, asking the crowd, “How do you stop these people?”

He laughed when someone in the crowd responded, “shoot them.” The president joked that the comment can only be made Florida, saying, “That’s only in the panhandle.”

O’Rourke claimed this incident led to the shooting in El Paso, in which a white supremacist drove to the city to target Mexican Americans in a Walmart.

Beto Once Again Earns the Gratitude of the Republican Party

Desperate presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is the gift that won’t stop giving to Republicans.

After promising to confiscate military-style semi-automatic rifles like our AR-15s, Thursday night he continued to reveal the left’s true colors with a vow to deny funding for religious institutions that oppose same sex marriage.

How about religious institutions that oppose atheism? I mean, isn’t that discriminatory?

Beto is a one-man GOP Get Out the Vote machine.

From last nights CNN LGBTQ Town Hall:

QUESTION: Do you think religious institutions like colleges, churches, charities, should they lose their tax exempt status if they oppose same sex marriage?”

BETO: Yes . . . There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us. So as president, we’re going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.”

Republicans Owe Beto O’Rourke a Grateful Hug

Beto O’Rourke is not going to win the Democratic primary. But his plan to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizen could destroy whoever does win it.

That’s because what conservatives have always suspected about Democrats is that in the end, what they want to do is abolish the Second Amendment and take away people’s guns. Beto provides evidence that this is exactly the case. And plenty of people will vote against the future Democratic nominee based on this concern.

Beto wants everyone’s AR-15’s. These among the most popular firearms. And plenty of good people want one not just because they are fun to shoot at the range, but because they want to make sure they are as well-armed as whoever breaks into there house.

Just imagine him sending the cops in to take those guns. Because that’s what he’ll have to do. Talk about a volatile situation.

Beto Wants a Mandatory Firearm Confiscation But Says Police Won’t Collect the Guns

Because people will cooperate, you see? And those who don’t cooperate, we won’t send in the cops. Except, maybe, if they need a little more convincing to voluntarily comply with the mandatory confiscation. Then maybe the police will stop by, you know, have some coffee, ask a few questions.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket, who asked the question:

“No. I don’t see the law enforcement going door to door. I see Americans complying with the law. I see us working with gun owners, non-gun owners, local, county, state, federal law enforcement to come up with the best possible solution. I have yet to meet an owner of an AR-15 who thinks it’s OK that we have these kind of mass killings in this country,” O’Rourke said when asked by the Washington Examiner about specifics of his plan.

When pressed further about how he plans to enforce his proposal for those who would not comply, he responded, “How do you — how do we enforce any law? There’s a significant reliance on people complying with the law. You know that a law is not created in a vacuum.”

Warren, O’Rourke Say Trump is a White Supremacist

Beto of course is doing everything he can to revive his failing campaign.

Elizabeth Warren has more credibility on who is a white nationalist, given that she is Native American.

Yes, that’s a joke.

According to the Washington Post:

Two Democratic presidential candidates — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and former congressman Beto O’Rourke (Tex.) — said Wednesday that they consider President Trump to be a white supremacist, an extraordinary charge against a sitting president.

Both White House hopefuls shared their comments on a day when Trump visited two cities mourning mass shootings, including El Paso, where the gunman who killed 22 people appeared to have written an essay echoing Trump’s disparaging language about immigration.

The New York Times reported that Warren, when asked in a brief interview if she believes Trump is a white supremacist, replied “yes” without hesi­ta­tion.

“He has given aid and comfort to white supremacists,” Warren said during a campaign stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa. “He’s done the wink and a nod. He has talked about white supremacists as fine people. He’s done everything he can to stir up racial conflict and hatred in this country.”

O’Rourke was asked during an interview on MSNBC on Wednesday if he considers Trump to be a white supremacist.

“He is,” O’Rourke replied. “He’s also made that very clear. He’s dehumanized or sought to dehumanize those who do not look like or pray like the majority here in this country. . . . He’s been clear who he wants to keep out with walls and cages and militarization and torture and cruelty.”

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