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Austan Goolsbee’s Departing Deception on Jobs

This is White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee’s last week on the job, and he decided to leave us with some nonsense on the employment picture, which worsened today. That’s right, worsened. Don’t believe the headlines or the White House. Definitely don’t believe the White House. Let’s start with what actually happened. The economy in July generated 117,000 jobs and the unemployment

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Obama Reels Goolsbee’s Spin Back In

President Obama today contradicted his senior economic adviser, suggesting more concern about Friday’s lame jobs report than Counsel of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee has been letting on. During a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama revealed that there must be fear in the White House that the report – which said the unemployment rate had lifted from 9 to 9.1 percent while the

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White House Economic Adviser Goolsbee Resigns

White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee is resigning, the White House said tonight. In a press release that seemed timed to appear after the evening newscasts, the White House gave no reason for Goolsbee’s departure, although it said he would return to Chicago in time to “return to his position” at the University of Chicago. But having only assumed his current posting

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Austan Goolsbee, Partisan CEA Chairman

One of the changes President Barack Obama has brought to Washington is the refashioning of the formerly staid White House Council of Economic Advisers into a new presidential political attack machine. Austan Goolsbee, the new CEA Chairman, is hardly the fussy old economist-type who once in sat atop the Council. Oh, he’s an economist alright, but he’s also a former national debating champion, an ex-TV

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Austan’s Powers

With the elevation of Austan Goolsbee to chair the White House Council of Economic Advisers, Obama continues move briskly to the center as he sets the stage for his eventual reelection campaign. Having dispensed with the most liberal items on his agenda, like the nationalization of health care and the increase of spending by a couple of trillion dollars, the president is now presenting himself

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