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The Press Finally Starts Talking About Antifa Attacks on the Press

Well, it took until Monday night, but the Washington Post finally put a story up about Antifa’s attacks on the press Sunday and notes that the entire movement condones violence:

Antifascists, according to their own doctrine, fight fascism. Sounds simple enough.

Granted, members of the loosely organized Antifa movement define “fascism” vaguely — to include not just Nazis and neo-Nazis, but also white supremacists, white nationalists and the broader population of racists.

As for the fighting, Antifa takes that part of the doctrine literally. Claiming that even a small public gathering of fascists is a threat to freedom, the movement condones physical violence against them. Its anonymous, black-clad members routinely crash far-right demonstrations to brawl.

So — you might expect that when Antifa can’t find any fascists, it has nothing to fight. That seemed to be the situation this weekend, when a long-planned rally for far-right extremists fizzled into a paltry gathering of a few dozen white supremacists, unapproachable and nearly invisible behind a police blockade as they met without incident in a Washington D.C. park.

And yet Antifa still managed to fight — not fascists this time, but reporters.

It’s a good day for the Washington Post, which also slammed Nancy Pelosi for saying a political statement by Mitch McConnell was racist. I dunno, maybe the editors are taking their August vacation. You can hardly find this story on the Post’s webpage right now, but it is THERE.

Yesterday I noted the absence of such stories, because, you know, only Trump is a danger to the press. So today I’m glad to write that I can see one.

Part of the problem for the press in going after Antifa violence is that it seems to confirm Donald Trump’s statement last year that there was “blame on both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville. Which is indisputably true, though of course, it’s politically incorrect not to dispute it. In fact, it’s racist not to dispute it!

So let’s give some credit to the reporter, Avi Selk, for bravely doing this story. Of course, credit from me would not be what he wants or needs, I imagine. Maybe I’m being a jerk.

On Antifa, This is What Trump Was Talking about When he Said “Both Sides”

President Trump received a hailstorm of criticism for his comments that there was violence on both sides during the Charlottesville protests. Political correctness refuses to allow commentary that suggests there is evil and a willingness to hurt and kill on the Left, because after all, they’re fighting for the good and opposing the Nazis.

But the extreme Left, which often operates with the tolerance of normal liberals – who by turn accuse Trump of tolerating “right-wing” extremism – has its own agenda, and white supremacists are foils for a larger plan to create disorder in society and destroy the republic.

If you have any doubt, have a look at this well-reported piece today by Politico, a liberal publication which commendably ran the article anyway. It’s exactly what Trump was talking about.

Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents obtained by POLITICO.

Since well before the Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned deadly, DHS has been issuing warnings about the growing likelihood of lethal violence between the left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups.

Previously unreported documents disclose that by April 2016, authorities believed that “anarchist extremists” were the primary instigators of violence at public rallies against a range of targets. They were blamed by authorities for attacks on the police, government and political institutions, along with symbols of “the capitalist system,” racism, social injustice and fascism, according to a confidential 2016 joint intelligence assessment by DHS and the FBI.

Let’s understand this. “Anarachists” are not out to oppose white supremacists as their primary aim. They are seeking to destroy “the system.” It was only after Trump won that Antifa saw opportunity knocking to augment its already existing activities. Of course, Politico can’t get completely off the reservation and needs to blame Trump for the growth in leftist violence

After President Donald Trump’s election in November, the antifa activists locked onto another target — his supporters, especially those from white supremacist and nationalist groups suddenly turning out in droves to hail his victory, support crackdowns on immigrants and Muslims and to protest efforts to remove symbols of the Confederacy.

Those reports appear to bolster Trump’s insistence that extremists on the left bore some blame for the clashes in Charlottesville and represent a “problem” nationally. But they also reflect the extent that his own political movement has spurred the violent backlash.

In interviews, law enforcement authorities made clear that Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and policies — first as a candidate and then as president — helped to create a situation that has escalated so quickly and extensively that they do not have a handle on it.

“It was in that period [as the Trump campaign emerged] that we really became aware of them,” said one senior law enforcement official tracking domestic extremists in a state that has become a front line in clashes between the groups.

But the same official notes the nearly unbridled violence being committed on the left.

“These antifa guys were showing up with weapons, shields and bike helmets and just beating the shit out of people … They’re using Molotov cocktails, they’re starting fires, they’re throwing bombs and smashing windows.”

The article goes on to describe how authorities really don’t have a handle on how to infiltrate, track and combat this. It represents a danger because it is escalating, and the fascist, racist white supremacist crowd has a macho self-perception that isn’t going to refrain from fighting back. What’s more, Antifa is increasingly directing its attacks not at extremists, but at conservatives trying to deliver normal, protected speech.

At least Trump recognizes the problem and isn’t afraid of the politically correct from Capitol Hill to his own White House, and is willing to point it out. And hopefully combat it.

Antifa Attack Peaceful Trump Supporters in Berkeley

If you were wondering what President Trump meant when he blamed “both sides’ for violence in Charlottesville earlier this month, here’s what he meant.

Those attacked were not white supremacists. They were merely Trump supporters. This is pretty chilling.

From reports by the Associated Press and the Washington Post:

Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about 100 anarchists and antifa— “anti-fascist” — members barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Jumping over plastic and concrete barriers, the group melted into a larger crowd of around 2,000 that had marched peacefully throughout the sunny afternoon for a “Rally Against Hate” gathering.

Shortly after, violence began to flare. A pepper-spray-wielding Trump supporter was smacked to the ground with homemade shields. Another was attacked by five black-clad antifa members, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. A conservative group leader retreated for safety behind a line of riot police as marchers chucked water bottles, shot off pepper spray and screamed, “Fascist go home!”

Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said officers were told not to actively confront the anarchists. He applauded officers’ restraint, saying it forestalled greater violence. Six people suffered injuries, including two who were hospitalized, and one officer was injured while making an arrest and several others were hit with paint.

There were 13 arrests on various charges including, assault with a deadly weapon.

Trump’s gravest sins with regard to the Charlottesville violence were that he did not specifically condemn white supremacists and that he suggested there were good people among them, evidence of which I haven’t seen. But he was not wrong to call out both sides. And as far as I can tell, the instigators of violence, in general, have been on the Left, among the antifa. They are the latest incarnation of leftist radicalism that seeks to foment anarchy and violence and undermine the republic. Certainly, they are successfully quashing free speech, given the original rally by conservatives in Berkeley was canceled due to fear of violence.

And what is this about police being ordered not to confront the antifa? Imagine if a police chief had told his officers not to stop white supremacist from attacking people.