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Dershowitz Says Trump Does Not Deserve to be Impeached

Poor Alan Dershowitz. Getting set for another summer of snubs on Martha’s Vineyard. But he’s a man of principle, even if he will no longer gets invited to the right parties. According to the Washington Examiner: Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz claimed Democrats are running an illegitimate impeachment process and that President Trump does not deserve to be removed from office. “I’m a liberal Democrat,” Dershowitz

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Dershowitz: Using the 25th Amendment Would be a “Coup d’Etat”

Legal scholar Alan Dershowitz Tuesday said invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump would amount to staging a coup d’etat. “The 25th amendment was intended for a president who is shot, a president who has had a stroke – a president who is incapacitated – not a president who you disagree with, or you think is creating havoc in the White House,” Dershowitz said

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Dershowitz: Trump is Right, There Never Should Have Been a Special Counsel

Former Havard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz used to be considered a reliable liberal. But I dunno, there is wisdom with age, they say. Or maybe his instincts to protect civil liberties moved him over toward a “Don’t Tread on Me” conservative viewpoint. Either way, he’s been backing Trump a lot. From an article he penned today in The Hill. President Trump is right in saying

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One More Year of Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could stretch well into 2018, possibly not concluding until the end of the year, according to the Washington Post. From the article: People with knowledge of the investigation said it could last at least another year — pointing to ongoing cooperation from witnesses such as former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well

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Liberal Dershowitz Can’t Get Published in NY Times Because He Doesn’t Alway Hate Trump

Liberal attorney, professor, and TV commentator Alan Dershowitz has a traditional liberal fondness for iconoclasm and free speech. That doesn’t sit well with the didactic mainstream media, particularly the New York Times, which according to the Washington Examiner isn’t even responding the Dershowitz’s submissions. Dershowitz’s crime is that he tends to look at the legal arguments with respect to Trump without getting sidetracked by ideological

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Liberal Dershowitz Suggests Special Prosecutor the Road to Stalinism

Alan Dershowitz is a liberal, of the increasingly rare sort, who have principles that transcend their immediate political and policy urgencies. He’s not among those who have fallen, willy nilly, into the my-unassailable-ends-justify-any-means paradigm that governs most liberals today. Now, I generaly don’t agree with his principles, but Dershowitz has principles. If he had ever made it to the Supreme Court, he wouldn’t have been an

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