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Obama Backs Away From al Qaeda “Defeat” Claim

President Obama appears to be backing away from his often-stated claim – a cornerstone of his 2012 campaign – that “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.”

In a subtle but important shift three days ago during remarks nominating Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to be Secretary of State, Obama revised the assertion, stipulating that “the al Qaeda core is on the path to defeat.”

The addition of one word to Obama’s usual statement may seem a small matter. But the president chooses his words very carefully, particularly in prepared remarks. And the insertion of the word “core” probably represents a major reassessment by the administration of al Qaeda’s overall strength and durability, a change in outlook that could have a significant impact on U.S. anti-terrorism policy going forward.

Use of the word “core” implies that while the administration is having success against the al Qaeda leadership, al Qaeda’s far-flung affiliates – like the ones that carried out the Benghazi attack – are not on the “path to defeat.” And therefore in a larger sense, the claim made during the campaign that al Qaeda itself is on the path to defeat is no longer considered true by the White House.

Such a shift would not have been made without a major change in thinking within the White House itself. It represents an acknowledgement that, with al Qaeda affiliates still able to inflict damage and casualties against the United States, the war against terrorism will be a longer and more difficult road than previously thought.

When the change in thinking occurred – and whether it is mainly a result of the Benghazi attack – is unclear. What is clear is that the White House waited until after the campaign was over to convey its new position to the public.

Even on the very last day of the campaign – nearly two months after the Benghazi attack – Obama was saying, as he did to an audience in Columbus, Ohio, that “al Qaeda is on the path to defeat.”

That phrase, it would appear, is no longer operative.

Obama: Am I an Appeaser? Ask Bin Laden

President Obama today responded testily to a question about whether he is an appeaser, suggesting to a reporter who asked the question that he query al-Qaeda leaders Obama has order killed about whether they think he engages in appeasement.

Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement.

At appearances Wednesday before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, GOP presidential candidates repeatedly leveled the charge that Obama was engaged in appeasement of American’s enemies, particularly Iran.

Obama spoke at the White House in the briefing room just before noon, taking to the podium to blast Republicans for blocking the confirmation of confirm Richard Cordray, Obama’s nominee to the lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He then took a few questions.

Obama’s al Qaeda Success Story

One of President Obama’s stated goals upon assuming office was to focus the U.S. military on destroying al Qaeda. In this, the only war we are waging for which he seems to have some enthusiasm about pursuing, the president appears to be succeeding.

Bin Laden is a trophy shared by Obama and George W. Bush. The seeds of the pursuit that led to al Qaeda mastermind were planted under Bush, and the prey was bagged by Obama.

But Bin Laden’s killing is emblematic of a larger victory for Obama in furthering Bush’s success at decimating al Qaeda and damaging – if not crippling – its ability to launch major operations against the United States and its allies.

The New York Times today reports that the U.S. fleet of drones, expanded by the Obama administration, has exacted a devastating toll on al Qaeda’s top brass.

The intense campaign of drone strikes and other covert operations in Pakistan — most dramatically the raid that killed Osama bin Laden — had left Al Qaeda paralyzed, with its leaders either dead or pinned down in the frontier area near Afghanistan. Of 30 prominent members of the terrorist organization in the region identified by intelligence agencies as targets, 20 have been killed in the last year and a half, they said, reducing the threat they pose.

With al Qaeda growing its presence in Yemen amid the instability there, Obama is increasing U.S. counter-terrorism operations in the country and even building a new air base in the area from which to launch drone attacks, according to the Associated Press.

Such activities amount to a sustained effort, a comforting sign that a decade after the World Trade Center attacks, the government continues to wage war directly against those who would destroy us.

The families of those killed on 9/11, the soldiers who have sacrificed selflessly in the battle to date, and the innocent civilians who could be in the crosshairs of future attacks deserve no less.

Leading Evildoers Discuss Response to Obama

A conference call is beginning. Its participants include Osama Bin Laden, Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad: Hello? Is everyone on?

Omar: I’m Here.


Ahmadinejad: Osama? Where the fuck is Osama?

Osama: djgjdkn djdfnsk mdkujslk.

Ahmadinejad: What’s that?

Osama: dkgjskj sdlkggjlj asdlgiul.

Omar: He’s trying to disguise his voice again by putting his turban over the speaker.

Ahmadinejad: Osama, you chicken shit. The Americans aren’t listening. Get your turban off the phone.

Osama: God is great.

Ahmadinejad: OK, that’s better. God is great.

Omar: God is great.

Osama: God is really great.

Omar: God is really, really great.

Ahamdinejad: OK, that’s enough. Fo shizzle, God is great. Now let’s get down to business.

Please deposit 25 cents for the next three minutes.

Ahmadinejad: What is that?

Omar: Osama, are you on pay phone?

Osama: You think I’m using the fucking satellite phone? Are you nuts?

Omar: OK, well put in enough money, you cheap Jew!

Osama: Zawahiri, give me all the change. Just put it in.

Ahmadinejad: OK, we’re here to discuss the new Obama Doctrine. He says he’s going de-emphasize military power and defeat us by focusing internally on the United States, developing the U.S. economy, making electric vehicles, promoting education reform, and so forth. He also is celebrating the end of combat operations in Iraq – saying the war was really a nightmare – and proclaiming that he’s determined to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan starting July 2011. What should we do?

Omar: Surrender.

Osama: Surrender.

Ahmadinejad: Yes. Surrender. Then we’re all agreed. The fearsome Obama is too much for us, has us completely intimidated, and we are all giving up.  I will announce tomorrow that we are executing all our nuclear scientists for developing nuclear weapons without my knowledge. And then I’m going to retire.

Omar: I guess I’ll retire too. God is great.

Osama: God is really great.

Omar: God is really, really great.

Ahmadinejad: OK stop it!

Osama: Well what am I supposed to do? I mean, it’s not like I can go to New York City and drive a taxicab at this point. My skill set is mainly fomenting terror.

Ahmadinjad: You could open a restaurant.

Osama: Well, I do make a mean falafel sandwich. I can get some startup cash from the Saudis.

Omar: This Obama ruined everything. I mean, I had plans for the future. A life of misery for all Afghanis. Using religion for corrupt purposes. Hosting an annual terrorists’ convention at the Hilton in Kabul. It was all going to be so grand.

Ahmadinejad: Oh, me too. Just imagine what I could have done with nuclear weapons. Osama, I was going to give you one for your birthday! (Begins sobbing).

Osama: Oh, you are so sweet Mahmoud. I won’t charge you for extra yogurt sauce at my restaurant. Also, the appetizer is on me.

Omar: You cheap Jew, Osama.

Ahmadinejad: Yeah, we had it all. But now the warrior Obama has put an end to it. The world’s top evildoers defeated by education reform. Who would have imagined?

al Zawahiri