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Obama Preps for Debate in Splendor

President Obama’s distaste for debate preparation may be mitigated by the location his current tutorial, the fabulous Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg Virginia, featuring stunning scenery, deluxe accommodations, and three championship golf courses. A portion of the tab for this luxury is of course being picked up by taxpayers, who largely footed the bill to fly… Continue Reading

Is Biden Fit to be President?

Thursday night’s debate raised more profound questions than who won and who lost. First, I’ll give you my scorecard – briefly, because you’ve already been deluged with post-debate analysis. I thought Paul Ryan came out on the winning end of the encounter. Notice I didn’t say he won the encounter. That would ascribe too much… Continue Reading

Ryan Takes Two Out of Three Post-Debate Polls

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan bested Vice President Biden in their debate Thursday evening, according to two out of three snap polls taken immediately after the contest. CNN put Ryan ahead by 48-44 percent, while CNBC had 53 percent of respondents labeling Ryan the winner compared to 41 percent tfor Biden. But 50 percent… Continue Reading

Obama Was Guest at VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding

Wanted to make sure you were aware of this. It’s sitting at the top of the Drudge Report, so some of you may have seen it. From The Daily Caller. President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller… Continue Reading

Obama: “I Procrastinated a Lot” in College

President Obama Tuesday told an Ohio State University crowd that he “procrastinated a lot” in college, begging the question of whether some of his old habits had returned as he prepared for his disastrous debate last week with Gov. Mitt Romney. Obama appeared far less prepared for the debate than Romney, who effortlessly cited a… Continue Reading

Obama’s Top Ten Strategies for the Second Debate

White House Dossier recently kidnapped Sen. John Kerry’s Bijon Frise and held it for ransom. This morning, Kerry, the debate practice partner for President Obama, agreed in exchange for the dog to provide White House Dossier with the secret ten-point plan for Obama to perform better in the second debate with Gov. Mitt Romney than… Continue Reading

Obama to Spend Two Days at the White House!

Incredibly, President Obama will get off the campaign trail and spend a whole two days this week at the White House, hanging out Wednesday and Friday to attend “meetings.” Wow. With just four weeks to go, he’s putting the nation’s business ahead of his own reelection prospects. Wait. Wait a second. Are you thinking what… Continue Reading

Sore Loser? Obama Directed New Hyper-Attack Strategy

Perhaps embittered by his stunning defeat in his first debate with Gov. Mitt Romney, President Obama himself helped plan the new campaign strategy centered on an assault on Mitt Romney’s character. In a Politico piece, Obama is said to have been in on the strategy meeting that came up with the decision to tear into… Continue Reading

Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes

Obviously bitter about President Obama’s losing performance in Wednesday night’s debate, senior White House political adviser David Plouffe today repeatedly called Gov. Mitt Romney a liar. I’ve never heard so much whining and or seen such unprofessional bad form from a top presidential campaign official. And the bar for that sort of stuff is pretty… Continue Reading

Obama’s Hubris Cost Him the Debate

The cause of President Obama’s stunning loss in Wednesday night’s debate can be distilled to a single factor: The man thinks too much of himself and his “accomplishments,” and his advisers feel the same way. The president who showed up Wednesday night really believes his own PR. He didn’t think there was anything to debate.… Continue Reading