As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Friday, March 8, 2019

11:00 am || Meets with Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin 9:20 am || With the first lady, departs the White House11:05 am CT || Arrives in Lee County, Alabama to tour tornado disaster areas1:35 pm CT || Departs Lee County, Alabama4:55 pm || Arrives Mar-a-Lago; Palm Beach, Florida6:30 pm || Participates in fundraiser; Palm Beach, Florida7:30 pm || Participates in a second fundraiser; Palm… Continue Reading

House Votes to Condemn Everything Bad

Amazing. Democrats can’t condemn anti-Semitism. Because then you leave out everyone else! Political correctness steals the truth and replaces it with meaningless bromides that make everyone feel comfortable. According to the Washington Examiner: The House on Thursday passed a resolution condemning most imaginable forms of hate speech and bigotry following an intense struggle among Democrats… Continue Reading

Trump Schedule || Thursday, March 7, 2019

11:00 am || Meets with Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin 11:45 am || Receives his intelligence briefing 12:30 pm || Lunch with Secretary of State Pompeo1:55 pm || Meets with the prime minister of the Czech Republic4:00 pm || Meets with Acting Secretary of Defense Shanahan5:00 pm || Participates in a photo opportunity with the 2019 Senate Youth Program; East Room All times Eastern… Continue Reading

Democrats Can’t Even Pass a Resolution Opposing Anti-Semitism

First of all, the problem is that too many in the Democratic base are anti-Semitic, or at least anti-Israel. Yes, I do see those things as sometimes separate, unlike some other Jews. The other problem is that Democrats value inclusivity and political correctness over anything else. Identity politics are such that every identity with a… Continue Reading

Illegal Immigration Rolling in at Highest Rate Since 2007

Migrants understand that if they’re not going to be detained, then grab you kids and head to the border. According to the Washington Examiner: Border cops encountered more than 76,000 people they say tried to illegally cross from Mexico into the U.S. in February, making it the highest level of illegal immigration the U.S. has… Continue Reading

Obama: We Can Save the World if We Train “a Million Baracks and Michelles”

Barack Obama Monday suggested the best way to preserve the future is for the world to duplicate himself and Michelle, again and again and again. Obama spoke in Winnipeg, Canada. According to the Washington Examiner: He told a packed arena at Bell MTS Place how he plans to create a “university for social change” that… Continue Reading

Hillary Pulls Another Fast One

It’s incredible to me that reporters never learn to listen closely to the Clintons, both of whom are attorneys who speak carefully — and also liars. It’s all over the press that Hillary Clinton is not going to run for president. However, that’s not what she said. Here’s a typical report from Politico: Hillary Clinton… Continue Reading

Poll: Trump Approval Up Three Points to 46 Percent

A new poll by NBC News finds that President Trump’s approval rating is at 46 percent, three points greater than it was in January and near the highest point of his presidency. According to NBC News: The top groups approving of Trump: Republicans (88 percent), rural residents (60 percent), whites without college degrees (60 percent),… Continue Reading