As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Warren Plans Open-Ended Investigation of Trump Officials If She Is Elected

It seems that there is a new ethic when it comes to our legal system. One that has been used to great effect in totalitarian regimes. It is, go looking for crimes by your political enemies, and the lock them up. That’s what nice “Have a beer” Elizabeth Warren is proposing. From the Wall Street… Continue Reading

Trump Schedule Thursday, January 23, 2019

Noon || Receives his intelligence briefing 2:45 pm || Departs White House 5:25 pm || Arries Miami 6:00 pm || Delivers remarks at the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting; Trump National Doral Miami; Doral, Florida  7:35 pm || Departs Miami  10:00 pm || Arrives White House  All times U.S. Eastern FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedinemail Continue Reading

Trump to Become First President in History to Speak at the March for Life

President Trump Friday will become the first president ever to speak at the annual anti-abortion march in Washington, according to the Washington Examiner. The March for Life has been staged since 1974 in Washington on or around the anniversary or Roe V. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States in 1973. “From the appointment… Continue Reading

Bloomberg in Fourth Place, Up to 10% in New Poll of Democrats

Yes Paul, money can buy you love. According to the Morning Consult: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg rises to 10% nationally, leading former Mayor Pete Buttigieg by 2 points and trailing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) by 5 points. Although he was not on the January debate stage, his net favorability has risen to… Continue Reading

Trump Schedule || Wednesday, January 21, 2019

3:20 am || Has breakfast with American chief executive officers and business leaders; Davos, Switzerland 4:50 am || Meets with the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government; Davos, Switzerland 5:30 am || Meets with the president of Iraq; Davos, Switzerland 6:25am || Departs Davos, Switzerland 5:10 pm || Arrives White House  All times U.S. Eastern, which is six hours behind Davos time FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedinemail Continue Reading

Putin Said in 2013 He Had “Given Up” on Obama

Looks like maybe he didn’t like being lectured either. According to the Washington Examiner: Russian President Vladimir Putin said in 2013 that he was finished with President Barack Obama and would wait until the United States elected a president he could do business with. “I’ve given up on your president,” Putin said to then-Exxon chief… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders: “Nobody Likes” Him

I dunno. People in glass houses . . . Looks like she’s pretty angry and concerned that he might somehow get the nomination. She and other mainstream Democrats are definitely working on ways to stop him. Bernie was game, saying that on good days, his wife likes him. FacebookTwitterRedditLinkedinemail Continue Reading

Trump Writing Middle Class Tax Cut; Plans to Expand Travel Ban

Don’t get the wrong idea. The tax cut is a campaign document, which could possibly be enacted after he is reelected. The House that just impeached him isn’t going to give him a middle class tax cut this year, or much of anything else. The travel ban is also, at least partially, a campaign proposal.… Continue Reading