In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Car dealers beg Biden for freedom from electric vehicles

Taxpayers and businesses are all paying for electric vehicles customers don’t want. Car dealers have about a 100-day supply of electric vehicles compared to 50 days for regular cars. No one wants to be stuck on a road between charging stations for some theoretical minute dent in global warming, and no one wants to be late for their job looking for a charging station that

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Biden gives Iran access to $10 billion

Does he even know? What’s the strategy here, more appeasement? Maybe they’ll be nice? According to the Wall Street Journal: After the Oct. 7 rampage by Hamas, which is armed and funded by Iran, many Americans wanted to know: Would President Biden still release $6 billion to Tehran? All six Senate Democrats up for re-election in competitive states joined Republicans in calling on the President

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Video | Richard Nixon on America’s “moral” commitment to Israel

Richard Nixon was a great friend to Israel,. In 1973, Nixon sent a huge airlift of arms to Israel, greater than the Berlin airlift, he said. During an 1992 interview, Richard Nixon said the United States would always support Israel because of our moral attachment to the country. That’s the way Americans are, he said. Are we still?

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Kamala Harris announces National Strategy to Counter Islamaphobia

Seriously? Now? After Islamic extremists just murdered 1400 Israelis and with antisemitism breaking out all over the world and Israel fighting for its life? But of course, this administration has its own priorities. Don’t want to seem too pro-Israel! And God forbid Biden lose Michigan, where there is a large Muslim population, in the general election. Taking on hate is a national priority. Today, @POTUS

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Biden seeks ‘pause’ in Gaza war

Practically from day one, President Biden’s strategy has been to offer full support for Israel publicly in its war against Hamas while simultaneously trying to limit it. But Israel is either going to destroy Hamas or not. And halfway measures won’t do it. Did we go halfway with Germany or Japan in World War II? This is even more of a war for survival than

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Video | Kamala Harris reveals that Biden is still living

Vice President Kamala Harris made news Sunday when a segment on CBS’ 60 Minutes aired in which she declared President Biden “very much alive.” Based on some of the president’s recent appearances, there was great uncertainty with respect to the matter. People around the world are no doubt thankful to Harris for clearing things up.

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