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Trump Enjoys Chris Cuomo’s Vile Rant After Cuomo Called “Fredo”

Chris Cuomo is a year away from mid-century. You’d think he’d grow up. Someone called him Fredo, just to provoke him, and he snatched the bait with gusto. Of course, his antagonist got it all on video, which was the point. Fredo is the character in The Godfather who is the disrespected brother, the black… Continue Reading

Trump Schedule || Tuesday, August 13, 2019

11:30 am || Departs Bedminster, New Jersey1:35 pm || Arrives at Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex; Monaca, Pennsylvania1:50 am || Tours Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex2:10 pm || Delivers remarks on America‚Äôs Energy Dominance and Manufacturing Revival; Monaca, Pensylvania3:10 pm || Departs Monaca, Pensylvania5:10 pm || Arrives Bedminster, New Jersey All times Eastern Continue Reading

NY Times Uncovers a New Accomplice in El Paso Shooting: Conservative Media

Incredible. I can see only one guilty party revealed by this article: The participation of the New York Times in the destruction of journalism by printing an opinion piece, and a highly illogical and irresponsible one, in the news section of the paper. And this one is particularly malignant. It attempts to suggest that because… Continue Reading

Video || Bernie Sanders Says Climate Change is Our Top National Security Issue

Where is the press pointing out that this is nuts? Well, they can’t, because it comports with political correctness. And also, they think he is factually correct. I gather our chief concern with nuclear war must be that it could accelerate global warming. I mean, the nuclear clouds and all the debris floating above could… Continue Reading