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Family of Covington Catholic Teen Sues the Washington Post

Successful or not, maybe this will teach some journalists not to let their bias against President Trump lead them to jump to conclusions before researching both sides of a story. The story was broken by, it appears, the Washington Post: The family of the Kentucky teen who was involved in an encounter with a Native… Continue Reading

Alexandria Ocasio​-Cortez’s Luxury Digs: No Poor People Allowed​

Well, it looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did, in fact, find an apartment, despite her concerns about affordable housing in Washington. A nice one. And why shouldn’t socialists live the good life while fighting to take it away from others? It’s not easy to foster social change if there aren’t a couple of swimming pools at… Continue Reading

Sherrod Brown Won’t Disagree With Beto on Tearing Down Border Wall

This is where most of the Democrats are going. They are so afraid of their base that they have to agree with lefty former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who smells strongly of insincerity and tells everyone we should be tearing down a portion of the border wall. Does he actually believe that? Who knows. I think… Continue Reading

William Weld is a Problem for Trump

The never-Trumper’s, and certainly President Trump himself, will seek to laugh off the decision by former Massachusetts governor William Weld to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. But actually, this is a very serious problem for the president. Weld announced Friday morning that he’s going to give it a shot, no doubt getting him invites… Continue Reading