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Cuomo Briefings Set Him Up as a Potential Challenger to Trump

According to Paul Bedard in the Washington Examiner: In their daily virus TV briefing showdowns, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is beating President Trump and setting himself up as a potential surprise challenger in the muddled 2020 presidential race. The latest evidence comes in a Zogby Analytics survey provided to Secrets that not only has Cuomo as… Continue Reading

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Democrats and Republicans Unify — Possibly Forever — to Fight Coronavirus

In a late-night session conducted in the cavernous Capitol Rotunda, President Trump and Democratic and Republican leaders agreed to bury the hatchet — for once not in each other — and join hands in a spirit of unity to lead the country together though the coronavirus crisis. “Well, we’re not going to actually join hands… Continue Reading

Obama Slams Trump for “Pandemic Denial” and Says He Must Not Do Same on Climate

Look who just got involved. The guy who depleted our emergency stockpile for pandemics and never replenished it. For Obama, climate change 50 years down the road always got him more pumped up for action than securing the country from threats like, say, Russia, Iran, and ISIS. And pandemics, we now learn. Continue Reading

CNN’s Don Lemon Wants Live Coverage of Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings to End

Here you have a president who is fulfilling the media’s greatest dream, DAILY PRESIDENTIAL PRESS CONFERENCES. And the liberal media wants to turn the cameras off. No president, perhaps in history, has ever been more available to the press. It’s just that the press doesn’t like what he says, and doesn’t want to hear it.… Continue Reading