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Trump Continues Linking Joe Scarborough to Intern’s Death Despite Husband’s Protests

President Trump and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined to back away from tweets President Trump issued suggesting MSNBC host Joe Scarborough killed an intern who worked for the then-congressman in the summer of 2001.

Her death was ruled an accident, and her widower husband has asked Twitter to take down Trump’s tweets. Twitter has refused.

Here are a couple of the tweets, as well as appearances today by Trump and McEnany.

This is the appearance in the Imus show in which Scarborough joked about the intern’s death.

Former CBS News Chief: Journalists May As Well Admit They’re Liberal and Biased

When I started in journalism 25 years ago, there was still an ethic about hiding your political views.

I took it seriously. Nobody in the business, except a friend who sat next to me in the White House basement for years and in whom I confided — and argued with — had any idea I was a conservative. I was proud of that.

Now, whatever professionalism there is in this supposed “profession” of journalism is gone. The liberal instinct that one doesn’t merely have an opinion but is ipso facto correct in that opinion and has a duty to act on it has taken hold in journalism.

There are many reasons for this, which require a longer article. I’m mostly sharing someone else’s thoughts here, not my own.

But this is what has happened. And reporters are mixing their bias with the lie, told to themselves and others, that they remain objective.

Just the facts ma’am. No, not those facts, the other facts. Thanks.

From an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by former CBS News President Can Gordon Sauter:

About 35 years ago I was sitting at lunch next to Jeane Kirkpatrick, a onetime Democrat who became a foreign-policy adviser to President Reagan and later U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. She was lamenting what she called the “liberal leaning” media. As the president of CBS News, I assured her it was only a “liberal tilt” and could be corrected.

“You don’t understand,“ she scolded. “It’s too late.”

Kirkpatrick was prophetic. The highly influential daily newspapers in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Boston are now decidedly liberal. On the home screen, the three broadcast network divisions still have their liberal tilt. Two of the three leading cable news sources are unrelentingly liberal in their fear and loathing of President Trump.

News organizations that claim to be neutral have long been creeping leftward, and their loathing of Mr. Trump has accelerated the pace. The news media is catching up with the liberalism of the professoriate, the entertainment industry, upscale magazines and the literary world.

To many journalists, objectivity, balance and fairness—once the gold standard of reporting—are not mandatory in a divided political era and in a country they believe to be severely flawed. That assumption folds neatly into their assessment of the president. To the journalists, including more than a few Republicans, he is a blatant vulgarian, an incessant prevaricator, and a dangerous leader who should be ousted next January, if not sooner. Much of journalism has become the clarion voice of the “resistance,” dedicated to ousting the president, even though he was legally elected and, according to the polls, enjoys the support of about 44% of likely 2020 voters.

There’s probably no way to seal the gap between the media and a large segment of the public. The media likes what it is doing. Admires it. Celebrates it. There is no personal, professional or financial reason to change. If anything, the gap will expand. Ultimately, the media finds the “deplorables” deplorable.

It would be delightful if a publisher, an editor, a reporter, would just say: Yes, I am left of center! I’m proud of it. I think our reporting is accurate. It best serves the public. And the credibility of the media. So there!

NY Times Reporter Probes Tara Reade. Did Christine Blasey Ford Get the Same Treatment?

The media is so predictable about what gets its blood running hot.

A woman accuses a man of sexual assault. The man is a Republican. Believe the woman, investigate the incident.

A woman accuses a man of sexual assault. The man is a Democrat. Give the man the presumption of innocence, or at least be agnostic, and investigate the woman.

I could be wrong, but I don’t remember any of the a mainstream outlets going after Ford in this manner.

According to Fox News:

The questions included inquiries about the activism of Reade’s mother, various financial issues, why she relocated, if her ex-husband was ever a person of interest in an FBI probe, her college degree, how she knows three specific Russians, and various other topics.

“We heard that after your car was repossessed friends sold you their vehicles and let you pay it with a no interest loan that you struggled to make those payments and they took it back,” the reporter allegedly asked. “Is that true?”

She was also allegedly asked about spousal abuse claims and about dating a Russian man. Another question stated, “On Quora, you followed three Russian individuals – Andrey Davydov, Dima Vorobiev and Alex Korolev. How was it that you came to know of them and follow them?”

Activist Rose McGowan condemned a New York Times reporter over detailed questions allegedly sent to Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade.

It is not uncommon for a reporter to email specific questions to the subject of a report, but media watchdogs took exception with the specific questions allegedly asked by Lerer. It is not clear how McGowan obtained the questions.

“The questions reveal a bizarre window into the lengths supposed objective reporters are planning to go to discredit Reade – with laughable lines of inquiry that can be directly contrasted with the lack of any significant background digging for Christine Blasey Ford or other Kavanaugh accusers,” Fourth Watch editor Steve Krakauer observed.

“The whole thread pulls back the curtain on a reporter itching to poke holes in the character of Reade, a woman who has come forward with accusations of sexual assault against a prominent Democratic politician. The hypocrisy here is obvious, but putting that aside – this form of journalistic character assassination gives all in the media a bad name,” Krakauer added.

Trump Schedule || Tuesday, May 26, 2020

12:45 pm || Participates in a ceremonial swearing-in of the Director of National Intelligence
3:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Pompeo
4:00 pm || Delivers remarks on Protecting Seniors with Diabetes; Rose Garden

All times Eastern

Live stream of briefing by the press secretary at 2:00 pm

It is Memorial Day. Please Don’t Forget to Remember.

I hardly have to say this to my readers, who are great Americans who understand the wonder of this country that God has bestowed upon us.

But I want to remind everyone anyway. Take some time today to honor the heroes who died to make this nation.

I read a lot of history. This nation, like all the great nations, has been built on the blood our heroes, and the tears of their families, friends and comrades. It is an inescable truth. Nations are created and then defended by war. Ruthless, vicious, unimaginable violence. But not senseless violence. Because the wars that created this country and kept it what is it make sense. And our heroes did not die in vain.

They sacrificed so that we may live in freedom and prosper. They missed out on most of their lives, lives that no doubt would have spread love, created jobs, sustained those less fortunate, and provided greater service to our country. Killed in action somehwere no doubt was a future president. None of our presidents since George H.W. Bush have seen combat. Since then, those who avoided the sound of bullets flying overhead lived went on to lead, while greater men and women perished.

Take a little while to remember. If you are not thinking of your own loved ones, call someone who lost one of their dearest to the violence of the enemy. Or just find, through the miracle of the internet, a name of someone from any of our wars, even as far back to the Revolutionary War, who has been completely forgotten. And give him the honor of a having an unexpected moment of remembrance. Perhaps he is in heaven, and he will know.

Thank you to all who have served, and today, especially to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is a day when we both remember their deaths, and through celebration, enjoy the great nation they secured for us. On this particular Memorial Day, with disease all around us, the celebration doesn’t come so easily. So maybe there is more time simply to remember and honor our dead.


Trump Schedule || Monday, May 25, 2020

10:00 am || With the first lady, participates in a Wreath Laying Ceremony; Arlington National Cemetery  
11:15 am || With the frist lady, departs the White House 
11:55 am || Arrives at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine; Baltimore, Maryland 
Noon || Participates in a Memorial Day Ceremony at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine; Baltimore 
1:05 pm || Departs Baltimore 
1:30 pm || Arrives White House 

All times Eastern

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