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Trump Begins Invoking Defense Production Act With Order that GM Make Ventilators

According to the Washington Post:

President Trump on Friday compelled General Motors to manufacture ventilators to help handle the surge of coronaviruspatients, using his power under the Defense Production Act.

Trump announced that he’d signed a presidential memorandum requiring the company to “accept, perform and prioritize” federal government contracts for production of the much-needed medical equipment shortly before signing into law a $2 trillion stimulus package to help prop up the economy during this public health crisis.

“Our negotiations with GM regarding its ability to supply ventilators have been productive, but our fight against the virus is too urgent to allow the give-and-take of the contracting process to continue to run its normal course,” Trump said in a statement. “GM was wasting time. Today’s action will help ensure the quick production of ventilators that will save American lives.”AD

At the White House’s daily news briefing on its coronavirus response, Trump named economist Peter Navarro, currently serving as a trade adviser to the president, to oversee enforcement of the Defense Production Act.

Navarro described the policy as “the most significant industrial mobilization since World War II.”

“We have a wartime president fighting an invisible enemy and we have the full force of government coupled with the full power of private enterprise bearing down on this problem,” he said.

Furious Trump Demands Automakers Immediately Begin Making Ventilators

Despite endless claims by Democrats throughout his presidency that President Trump dreams of becoming a dictator, he has mostly hesitated to invoke the Defense Production Act, which would give him wartime powers to force companies like the automakers to retool their plants to make vital supplies.

He later explained that the “P” used below is meant to stand for the DPA.

Biden Blames Trump for 3.3 Million Newly Unemployed

Vice President Biden today said President Trump’s “uncoordinated” response to the coronavirus is responsible for last week’s record unemployment claims.

“The harsh reality is that at least 3 million people now don’t have jobs because our president didn’t do his job when it mattered,” Biden wrote.

He said that while Trump is not responsible for the virus itself, “he bears full responsibility for the slow and uncoordinated response. 

“Nearly every country is facing this pandemic — but not every country has responded the same way,” Biden said. “South Korea, among other steps, deployed intensive testing and contact-tracing measures to slow and control the spread of the virus. Donald Trump didn’t do that. He didn’t get ahead of it when he had the chance. And in the absence of an early, aggressive response to flatten the curve, cities and states have been left with no option other than extreme social distancing measures, causing businesses to close and lay off workers.”

Here’s the latest slurry commentary from the bunker.

Trump Letter to Governors Says Expanded Testing Can Help Reopen the Economy

President Trump sent a letter to the nation’s governors detailing how he intends to begin getting the country back to work. From the letter: This is what we envision: Our expanded testing capabilities will quickly enable us to publish criteria, developed in close coordination with the Nation’s public health officials and scientists, to help classify… Continue Reading

Biden Claims He Became a Professor at Penn When He Left the Senate

Let me think. It’s a few years ago. Wait, no, he became vice president when he left the Senate. From the Washington Examiner: Former Vice President Joe Biden raised confusion Wednesday during a virtual round table after claiming he became a “professor” when he left the U.S. Senate. “When I left the United States Senate,… Continue Reading