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Kavanaugh Supporter Ed Whelan Discredits Himself

This morning, I wrote a piece describing tweets by Ed Whelan, who I described as a respected conservative. Whelan wrote that evidence would emerge showing Brett Kavanaugh did not assault Christine Blasey Ford. Whelan since named a classmate of Kavanaugh’s who looks like the judge and who, he says, could have assaulted Ford. I don’t support this kind of speculation, and so I have deleted the article I wrote earlier. Whelan has drawn someone into this without providing any credible evidence that this person did anything.

Kavanaugh Accuser Would Testify Next Week – But Not Monday

From the New York Times:

The woman who has accused Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of sexual assault has told the Senate Judiciary Committee, in an apparent bid to jump-start negotiations, that she “would be prepared to testify next week,” so long as senators offer “terms that are fair and which ensure her safety,” according to an email her lawyers sent to committee staff members.

In the email, obtained by The New York Times, the lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford said that testifying Monday — the timetable Republicans have set for a hearing — “is not possible and the Committee’s insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event.” The lawyer reiterated that it is Dr. Blasey’s “strong preference” that “a full investigation” occur before her testimony — wording that stopped short of demanding an F.B.I. probe and suggested she is open to testifying without one.

In the email, addressed to top Republican and Democratic aides on the committee, the lawyer, Debra Katz, wrote that she would like to set up a call later on Thursday to “discuss the conditions” under which Dr. Blasey would be prepared to testify.
“As you are aware, she has been receiving death threats, which have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and she and her family have been forced out of their home,” the email said.

As of 4:47 pm ET, no response from the Judiciary Committee.

Video || One American Who Went to See His Country – and Liked What He Saw

Just a video I thought you might like that appeared on the Facebook page of a fellow named Bill Kane the other day. It’s getting shared around FB a bunch.

Kane lists himself as from Yeadon, Pennsylvania and says he has spent a lifetime traveling the country. Here’s his report.

I imagine he’s a Republican. Democrats don’t make videos like this anymore. Sad to say. But that’s where we are.

Video || The Resistance Gets Extra Nasty

This one is from a few weeks ago, but I just noticed it. And of course, it remains very applicable.

Imagine if white supremacists were calling for Obama to be killed during his presidency. Imagine the reaction in the press. It would be furious and appropriate. What’s not appropriate is that this viciousness and profane behavior is just fine with respect to President Trump.

Remember when the left was all about “civility”? Hypocrites.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

Good Idea: Trump Reminds OPEC Nations that We Defend Them, Demands Lower Oil Prices

The bargain the U.S. has struck for years with our overseas “partners,” whether in Western Europe, the United Nations, or the Middle East, is Hey, you get to abuse us all you want and we’ll spend money to help you and commit arms to defend you.

With President Trump, the free ride is over. Europe has to help pay for its defense. The United Nations can’t just walk all over a genuine ally, Israel, and expect the United States to sit silently or even play along. And now Trump is warning the sheikdoms we actually fought a war to protect in 1990 that they’ll have to start acting like they need us.

What an outrage! Demanding that Arab OPEC leaders – whose lavish lifestyles based on nothing but the luck of living above underground lakes of oil – treat us decently. The nerve of Trump.

I’m always amused when I read MSM articles reporting that “Trump has broken years-long precedent” or that “this is not how things historically have been done.” Right! Changing those things is why he was elected. But hope and change are only good when wielded by Obama.

Washington’s elite have always feared that we must not rock the boat, or our “allies” could abandon us. We’ve got to take their abuse, and pay the financial cost, because it’s in our interest to do so, don’t you see?

Well, this is typical short-sighted thinking. The foreign countries need us more than we need them. Let’s at least bargain with them, which is what Trump is doing. He’s not actually going to abandon NATO, for example. He just wants – and has already gotten – a better deal.

In this case, Washington’s elite don’t really care if gas prices are 50 cents higher or lower. They can pay it, no problem.

Trump is fighting to give average Americans a break when they fuel up their cars. These Arab leaders are mostly full of it, and Trump knows it. They’ll give us a better deal. All we needed was a president with the courage to ask.

Trump Schedule || Thursday, September 20, 2018

Noon || Receives his intelligence briefing
4:40 pm || Departs White House
6:35 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas, Nevada
7:00 pm PT || Hosts a Make America Great Again rally; Las Vegas Convention Center; Las Vegas, Nevada

All times Eastern except as noted
The president will remain overnight in Las Vegas


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