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Pentagon blames flu for failure to tell Biden that Austin was hospitalized

Well, let’s hope nobody has the flu when China attacks Taiwan.

According to Fox News:

The Pentagon revealed Monday that the White House was kept in the dark over Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s intensive care unit hospital treatment for days due to his chief of staff having the flu.

Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder provided updates to the media in an off-camera gaggle Monday, where he explained that Austin’s quiet hospitalization was kept from the White House and National Security Council for days due to Austin’s chief of staff having the flu.

The press secretary added that Austin is out of the ICU and is in “good” condition, but remains at Walter Reed hospital for continuing treatment.

None of this adds up. Austin didn’t tell the White House about the original procedure. He didn’t tell them he was back in the hospital with complications. He was in the ICU because there weren’t enough beds .  . . for the secretary of defense, the Pentagon claimed. And now someone had the flu and couldn’t make a phone call.

Also, dog ate Austin’s homework.

The secretary plays a critical role during any major military crisis. How is it possible that he went into the hospital and told no one at the White House?

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  1. How is it that with the war in Ukraine AND Israel that Biden isn’t talking at least daily with the Secretary? What is Sleepy Joe doing/not doing? Are they on autopilot?

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