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Kamala Harris wants White House to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians

Well of course she does. She has no grasp of world affairs, and she’s down with the lefties in her party.

Not that President Biden is even a moderate Democrat himself.

According to Politico:

Vice President Kamala Harris has been telling colleagues in the administration that she wants the White House to show more concern publicly for the humanitarian damage in Gaza, where Israel is locked in a bloody and prolonged battle with Hamas, according to three people familiar with Harris’ comments.

President Joe Biden is among the officials Harris has urged to show more sensitivity to Palestinian civilians, these people said.

In internal conversations about the war in Gaza, Harris has argued that it is time to start making “day after” plans for how to handle the wreckage of the war once the fighting ends, one senior administration official said.

One person close to the vice president’s office said she believes the United States should be “tougher” on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; she has called for being “more forceful at seeking a long-term peace and two-state solution,” this person said.

3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris wants White House to be more sympathetic to the Palestinians”

  1. I want her and her screwball administration to be more sympathetic to USA citizens that endure the siege of illegals on the southern border.

    Madam VP. fix that first, do your job. Americans voted you in, Americans pay the taxes, Americans should be your focus.


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