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Even liberal news media get that Joe Biden changed his story

Hunter Biden said Wednesday that his father was not “financially” involved in his business, moving the goalpost even further away from the “never discussed it” line the White House initially took.

Even CNN is cornering the White House on the facts.

1 thought on “Even liberal news media get that Joe Biden changed his story”

  1. Who ever the guy is being interviewed, he is a shill, a liar for the current administration. Note how he denies the question itself, and then moves on. It is a practiced technique.
    Remember that the Clintons started this kind of defense mechanism:
    Deny,… Deny,…. Deny. And eventually say it is “old news”, lets move on ” for the good of the country.”

    Its happening again, and until the WH Press Corp and others in the media step up and get some backbone, ask questions and accept only real answers, this is where we are.


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