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Video | Karine Jean Pierre walks out on the White House briefing

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took exactly no questions Thursday after African reporter Simon Ateba, whom the White House views as disruptive and not a legitimate journalists, tried to question her.

6 thoughts on “Video | Karine Jean Pierre walks out on the White House briefing”

  1. Simon Ateba and Steve Doocy are just about the only journos with any guts at the WH.
    Their job is to probe, to ask, to inquire.
    Ms. Pierre is charged with answering all questions, not just the ones she prefers.
    She is a miserable failure, emblematic of this administration.


  2. As they say, if she can’t stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen. Such unprofessional behavior and in the real world she would have been reprimanded by her superiors.

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