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Video | Biden jokes about his habit of falling down

This wasn’t bad, actually, he must have been having a good day today. Biden spoke to the United Autoworkers in Detroit.

Later, he got some heckling. He says, “Let her go,” knowing they’ll stop her anyway.

6 thoughts on “Video | Biden jokes about his habit of falling down”

  1. If this was a past President making some lighthearted remarks, we would all smile like we do with Jimmy Carter. But he is not retired, he is our President, our leader, and he is starting to look like Fred Rogers. Apologies to Mr. Rogers, but no one ever feared Fred and no one ever thought of Fred as other than a kindly man with gentle thoughts. Biden is neither.

  2. Just my opinion, but he is absolutely pathetic. I put a lot of blame on his family for not stepping in and telling him it is time to go. However, his replacement would be horrible. We the American people are boxed into a corner with these two until 2024. Hopefully by then enough Americans will wake up and vote in someone capable of doing the job.

    1. Asking Joe Biden’s family to intervene and relieve him of his duties is a futile thought. He has been the figurehead and profiteer the family relies on. This is not about leadership, it never was. It is about money, influence, power and building the brand that is Biden. Why people buy into it, that astounds me. Unless there is some still to be disclosed answer.

      We may one day find out, but Joe will be a distant afterthought by then, sadly.

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