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Kamala Harris announces National Strategy to Counter Islamaphobia

Seriously? Now? After Islamic extremists just murdered 1400 Israelis and with antisemitism breaking out all over the world and Israel fighting for its life?

But of course, this administration has its own priorities. Don’t want to seem too pro-Israel! And God forbid Biden lose Michigan, where there is a large Muslim population, in the general election.

3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris announces National Strategy to Counter Islamaphobia”

  1. Kamala wants to “combat a surge of hate in America”? Instead of “countering Islamophobia” the Democrats should be sending thousands of muslims back home where they belong.

  2. This is appalling. Of course we all denounce hate, but you select THIS week to launch a counter Islamophobia campaign?

    Must be feeling the political heat, eh Madam VP?
    Afraid you might lose some support?


  3. As a US citizen exercising my rights to think, feel, and act as I wish (within the bounds of law), I WILL be afraid of an organization whose goal it is to kill or convert me.

    For the executive branch to once again choose and promote their favorite entities, and this time happen to choose one that wants to snuff out freedom worldwide, is blatant treason and should be recognized and dealt with as such.

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