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Biden seeks ‘pause’ in Gaza war

Practically from day one, President Biden’s strategy has been to offer full support for Israel publicly in its war against Hamas while simultaneously trying to limit it.

But Israel is either going to destroy Hamas or not. And halfway measures won’t do it.

Did we go halfway with Germany or Japan in World War II? This is even more of a war for survival than we faced back then.

The killing of civilians in Gaza is horrible. That’s because war is a horrifying thing. It’s a terrible shame that Hamas started one.

Not only are lives if every Israeli killed Oct. 7 on the hands of Hamas, so are the lives of every Palestinian killed since. Humanitarian measures, like pausing the war, help Hamas continue fighting and avoid getting killed.

This is an all-0ut war for survival, and Israel needs to go all-out to win it.

According to the Associated Press:

President Joe Biden said he thought there should be a humanitarian “pause” in the Israel-Hamas war, after his campaign speech Wednesday evening was interrupted by a protester calling for a cease-fire.

“I think we need a pause,” Biden said.

The call was a subtle departure for Biden and top White House aides, who throughout the Mideast crisis have been steadfast in stating they will not dictate how the Israelis carry out their military operations in response to the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas.

But the president has faced intensifying pressure from human rights groups, fellow world leaders and even liberal members of his own Democratic Party, who say that the Israeli bombardment of Gaza is collective punishment and that it is time for a cease-fire.

4 thoughts on “Biden seeks ‘pause’ in Gaza war”

  1. Here is a prime example of just who Joe Biden is.
    Biden giving some remarks while evidently campaigning is heckled by some unknown person who is shouting about cease fire.
    Biden’s IMMEDIATE reaction is to back down and mumble something about a pause.

    And that is Joe Biden: spineless, dimwitted, without cohesive thought.

    Worst President of our lifetime, possibly ever.

    1. Exactly Harv! In my lifetime of nearly 80 years he is the worst POTUS ever and I cannot remember things ever being so bad for the American people.

      Read yesterday about another check written from his brother to him around the time of the Chinese phone call with Hunter. It doesn’t end and will anything be done about it?

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