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Video | Kamala Harris reveals that Biden is still living

Vice President Kamala Harris made news Sunday when a segment on CBS’ 60 Minutes aired in which she declared President Biden “very much alive.”

Based on some of the president’s recent appearances, there was great uncertainty with respect to the matter. People around the world are no doubt thankful to Harris for clearing things up.

5 thoughts on “Video | Kamala Harris reveals that Biden is still living”

  1. Biden and Harris are standing their ground with their one word….. Don’t.
    As if telling Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah that “DON’T” will stop the carnage.

    I tell you what don’t means to me when it comes to Biden:
    Don’t stop illegals from entering America
    Don’t stop inflation from killing the average family budget
    Don’t stop Fentanyl from killing Americans daily
    Don’t stop pervasive urban and suburban crime from escalating
    Don’t work with the other side of the aisle to cure problems.
    Don’t stop spending like a drunken sailor on leave

    Hey Joe, I can add one. Don’t run for re-election. You’ve put us in harm’s way, you’ve help to create a terrible financial situation for most families, go to the beach and let a real manager take over.


  2. I was watching for the excited little smirk when the softball pitcher was explaining the question and said she was ‘next in line’ if Joe would do what really old people do (die). I was not disappointed. A cackle almost came out, she sucked in a huge smile, and then had an equal but opposite involuntary tick when the pitcher told her that donors were not excited about her. This wench is so close to being able to ruin the world she can taste it. Hell, she may whack Joe herself!

  3. Its time to start asking the question when you run into a Trump haters or pure Biden supporters:
    QUESTION: In the last 3 years, name one single act that Biden has done that bettered your life, your work, your family, your security, your finances. And do so without invoking the ” well, he’s not Trump” mantra.

    I am serious. Just ask people in a calm manner and then, wait….


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