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Biden repeats the old same story – but this time within a few minutes

The Democrats have to be thinking hard about putting someone else in the race. Election Day is 14 months away, he will be even worse then.

According to Fox News:

President Biden lit up social media after a pool report from Wednesday evening revealed that he told the “same story” at a fundraiser just minutes apart “nearly word for word.”

“After briefly touting his economic record, POTUS reflected on his decision to seek the presidency,” the pool report from Politico’s Jonathan Lemire, who was traveling with the president on Wednesday, stated. “He told the story about the events of Charlottesville in 2017 as the reason for his campaign. A few minutes later, he told the story again, nearly word for word . . . ”

An Associated Press-NORC poll last month found that 77% of Americans say Biden is too old for a second term. While an unsurprising 89% of Republicans expressed the sentiment, 69% of Democrats also say Biden is no longer up to the task, according to the poll.

Meantime, over at the UN Wednesday . . .

2 thoughts on “Biden repeats the old same story – but this time within a few minutes”

  1. In that clip, he salutes somebody or the crowd?
    I think they used to make fun of George W Bush for his words, they mocked VP Dan Quayle for his potato thing, and was it Gerald Ford who could not chew gum and walk at the same time?
    Well, now we are in a new realm, a real life Twilight Zone.
    Rod Serling would have loved this

    Happy Friday all

  2. My mother and her siblings all has severe dementia. They frequently would get on loupe that could from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. When they finished one loupe they just repeat things almost word for word. I suspected that Biden had early stage dementia when he was running in 2020. I now believe that he is midway on his journey with dementia.

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