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Biden pays Iran $1.2 billion per hostage

Let’s be honest about what’s going on here. We are paying for hostages, and incentivizing the taking of more. Not just by Iran.

Americans are for sale. Get one while you can.

According to the Associated Press:

Five Americans detained for years in Iran walked off a plane and into freedom Monday, most arm-in-arm, as part of a politically risky deal that saw President Joe Biden agree to the release of nearly $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets owed by a third country, South Korea.

The successful negotiations for the Americans’ freedom brought Biden profuse thanks from their families but heat from Republican presidential rivals and other opponents for the monetary arrangement with one of America’s top adversaries.

“Today, five innocent Americans who were imprisoned in Iran are finally coming home,” Biden said in a statement released as the plane carrying the group from Tehran landed in Doha, Qatar. A plane carrying the Americans home to the United States was due to land Monday night.

Iran’s hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi, on hand for the United Nations General Assembly in New York, suggested Monday’s exchange could be “a step in the direction of a humanitarian action between us and America.”

5 thoughts on “Biden pays Iran $1.2 billion per hostage”

  1. “Today, five innocent Americans who were imprisoned in Iran are finally coming home,”
    Glad the 5 are home, not sure why they were there in the first place.

    If they were innocent, why did we not blast that at the UN months ago? Biden and the left think money is the answer to every problem. Just look at their past, for every problem, every single problem, they call for more more, more taxes, more “investment” as they call it. There is no creative problem solving.
    Migrants swarming our home cities? Send money.
    Schools failing students? Send money.
    Blew through the federal budget? Send money.
    Fentanyl killing thousands of Americans each year? Send money somewhere.
    Homeless reeking havoc in America? Send money.
    Police forces shrinking daily? Send money, but not to the police.

    This is the end result of American voters hiring representatives that have no blinking clue about money, budgeting, forecasting or incentivization.

    And it only gets worse each year, sadly

      1. Hey Gramms. I started looking into public federal funding of private non profit organizations and the link to illegal immigration. One of them got over $40 million in funding to help relocate migrants just in 2022. More details to follow.

        1. WOW, but does this surprise us? Every time we turn our heads we hear something else that indicates how out of control our government really is. Look forward to the additional details you find.

  2. Ever wonder how non profits get their funding? I was raised Roman Catholic and believed that Catholic Charities was mostly funded by money tossed into the collection plate each Sunday morning. Not so. Per on line financial statements of selected regional Catholic Charities, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has providing overwhelming support. These are single year funding figures:
    NY $40million
    DC $41million
    San Fran $34million
    Chicago $133million.
    this is not a complete list.

    Lets be honest, much of this is used for sound humanitarian programs, but this also helps fund migrant services including housing and transportation, and healthcare services. The financial statements did not disclose how the millions are spent.

    This is not just the Catholics. HIAS NY, a Jewish non profit, got another $40million in 2021.
    It is staggering and disturbing. Is the Federal govt using these non profits to do their clandestine work so they can claim they themselves do not?
    And final thought: What happened to the separation of church and state?

    I could be wrong on some of this, but it is suspicious.


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