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Trump indicates he may change his mind on debates

According to the Washington Examiner:

On Thursday, Trump appeared open to attending a future debate. “Do you anticipate at some point jumping into the debates?” Trump was asked during the Todd Starnes’ radio show.

“I might. I mean, you know, it’s possible. I liked debating. I guess I won because of the debates,” he said. “You know, they’ve been very good to me. So I might. But at this moment, I’m leading by so much that it seems to be foolish to do it.”

Earlier this month, a source familiar with Trump’s thinking told NBC News that his decision announcing he wouldn’t participate in the first debate applies to only the first two debates, allowing him a chance to attend other debates if he changed his mind.

Trump’s change in thinking also comes after an Emerson College poll released on Monday showed Trump dropped six percentage points after skipping the debate. A predebate poll showed Trump garnering 56% of Republican support, but in the wake of the debate, his support decreased to 50%.

3 thoughts on “Trump indicates he may change his mind on debates”

  1. I hope he does enter the debates. We need a discussion on ideas. Perhaps the candidates should have a pact to prevent bickering over Trump’s legal battles.

  2. If DJT debates, I would like to see the give and take between him and Vivek. All the others have daggers out for Trump, but not Vivek. Trump will decimate Pence, Christie, DeSantis and even Nikki a bit, but it could be a lighter touch with Vivek and perhaps Tim Scott.

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