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The impeachment may be about to begin

House Republicans are talking about moving on the impeachment of President Biden next month. And Biden could certainly use a little impeaching.

According to Fox News:

House Republican leaders are hoping to press forward with plans for an impeachment inquiry against President Biden next month, sources told Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told GOP lawmakers in a members-only conference call on Monday night that an impeachment inquiry is “the natural progression from our investigations that have been going on,” one Republican who has been granted anonymity to discuss the call said.

The lawmaker said Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, R-Ohio., informed members on an earlier call that McCarthy suggested the House would vote on opening an impeachment inquiry next month.

“What Jim Jordan said was that McCarthy told him that it was…coming to the floor in September,” the lawmaker said.

3 thoughts on “The impeachment may be about to begin”

  1. I wouldn’t waste the time or energy. What would the goal be? Put Giggles in office?? God help us. Please, no.

    A better use of time and money would be to start educating the moderates as to why liberalism is crushing what we used to call “freedom”, and how inflation is really just a disguised tax increase, or put some effort into exposing the coverups of how taxpayers are paying to relocate illegals all over the country.

    Maybe publish an easily-understandable accounting of where the “General Services” funds have gone over the last 30 years,. I suspect that would be an eye-opener. I suspect we would see quite the hijacking of funds toward liberal causes.

    If the Biden cartel is impeached now, it will be a rallying point for the left. It will reduce the odds of winning the next election. Maybe after the threat of “heels-up-Harris” taking office is past, then we should try to throw these scum-bags in some hellish prison to rot like the compost they are.

  2. I gently disagree with Beam, with respect for all.
    Our nation NEEDS to know if Biden has been fleecing us all for years. This is a bigger scandal than Watergate and it must be brought to light.
    Kamala in office will expose the left and the DNC for their asinine choices. Do we really think the DNC backed Biden without knowledge of his financial shenanigans? Americans need to see it shoved in their face because the MSM will not offer truth any more.
    The recent Harvard Harris poll ( not exactly a right leaner) revealed less than 3 in 10 Americans think we are on the right track. So that is evidence that the folks are paying somewhat attention. May the House Republicans forge ahead, with due diligence and seek truth without regard for the media hysteria or the fallout on their personal political agendas and career.

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