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Biden climate Czar John Kerry frets Ukraine war adding to climate change

It’s obscene to even mention climate change relating to a war killing tens of thousands of people.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry stated Monday that the war in Ukraine is “exacerbating the problem” of climate change, citing the “bombs going off” in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Kerry’s statement comes as President Joe Biden heads to Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom, where the president will take part in a ceremony for King Charles III and host a forum focusing on clean energy strategies.

“When you have bombs going off and you have damage to septic tanks or to power centers, et cetera, you have an enormous release of greenhouse gas of methane, all of the family of greenhouse gases,” Kerry told MSNBC. “And the result is it’s adding to the problem.”

3 thoughts on “Biden climate Czar John Kerry frets Ukraine war adding to climate change”

  1. Kerry’s comments are like scolding an overweight diabetic that drops all his candy wrappers on the street, accusing him of littering.


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