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Video | Biden hits his head today

At least he’s mixing things up after stumbling Thursday, allegedly over a sandbag.

After bumping his head on the top of the door to Marine One, Biden tried to make a joke of the previous day’s events, saying he “got sandbagged.”

Not very clever. Then he did his little momentary running thing he does.

4 thoughts on “Video | Biden hits his head today”

  1. Ok, two observations and excuse me for sounding petty:

    1. What is up with that awkward gait? He looks like he is walking through a mind field of dog poo.
    2. He approaches the media and starts to salute them? Watch it again…

    Waiting for him to shout out ” who ordered the veal cutlet?”


    1. and to back that up, he did not salute the Marine attending to the chopper steps as is customary, but then starts to salute the media. Well, that’s ironic poetry, is it not?

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