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Video | Biden takes a bad tumble

This is how 80-year-olds kick off their reelection campaigns, apparently.

However, this was not age-related, it turns out. We now know what caused Biden to fall

The White House says he is fine, thankfully.

2 thoughts on “Video | Biden takes a bad tumble”

  1. Undoubtedly all are glad he was not hurt but the optics are pitiful. Note that his reaction once back up was to look back and point at something on the ground, as if to say that caused the fall. Very typical of elderly folks.
    Balance is a serious issue as we age, we all know it, we recognize it.
    Physical agility and mental acuity are standards by which most leaders are held accountable. Biden has neither.
    Has anyone tried to take the car keys from an elderly relative? Why does this look so darn familiar.


    1. When I saw him pointing in the video, I knew that was what the fall would be blamed on. The man is so unsteady and just shuffles his feet, etc. all of which is asking for a fall. Where’s the cane??? Will he ever give up??? Enough already!

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