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Biden trolls failed DeSantis announcement, uses it to raise money

“This link works,” he said on Twitter, connecting to a fundraising page.

Meantime, the pro-Trump Make America Great Again PAC released a statement titled “failure to launch”:

“Ron DeSantis’ botched campaign announcement is another example of why he is just not ready for the job. The stakes are too high, and the fight to save America is too critical to gamble on a first-timer who is clearly not ready for prime time. President Trump is the proven leader that will be ready on day one to turn the country around.” — Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc.

1 thought on “Biden trolls failed DeSantis announcement, uses it to raise money”

  1. Anyone who wants Biden to “finish the job” is outright un-American.
    Its that simple, you back Biden, you do not believe in any of the founding tenets that birthed this great nation. You are the problem, not the resolution.


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