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Video | Biden walks down stairs, presidency nearly passes to Kamala

He needs to start becoming aware of banisters.

This video also includes other moments from President Biden’s trip to Japan for the G7 Summit, including nice footage of his robot walk and of him looking . . . old.

5 thoughts on “Video | Biden walks down stairs, presidency nearly passes to Kamala”

  1. Oh man… was Joe trying to knock out Japan’s PM’s wife. Appeared he was ready to spar over the lack of ice cream he was promised!

  2. Joe was grabbing at the PM’s wife at the very end…. as well.

    This stupidity of Joe acting healthy and not using a handrail — dumb politics- the risk of a fall far exceeds the benefit of getting people to believe that jogging for 20 feet to the helicopter or not using a handrail is ridiculous. A selfish man and his handlers.

    I am MUCH younger than Joe… in my 30’s I was using handrails and not jumping off the back of a pick up truck etc — because I had a wife and 4 kids that relied on me and I used caution — I could easily hop down stairs, etc.. but I knew that that was risky to those I love.

    Joe falling and dying or just getting hurt would hurt us — uncertainty is expensive. What a shallow and selfish person…. OUR president. Sad.

  3. How the President of the United States looks and carries himself may not matter to those who support his administration’s goals, but in the world view, he looks weak and feeble. Not saying he needs to be bare-chested on top of a steed, but the world respects strength and believe it or not, that includes physical strength.

    Elon Musk said it best, recently: Can’t we just have a normal President?

    1. Elon should want a normal president… someone that does not compete directly with Twitter or is OK with the support of government for electric vehicles or solar energy…. I can see why a guy like DeSantis is liked. Former congressman — knows how the game is played — acts tough etc. Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Lindsay Graham…. at times tough talkers — nothing….

      DeSantis did lockdowns. Did not fight for open economy like he claims. He had many chances to open up things but got in the way. He was one of the least crappy as a governor — but not a true freedom fighter.

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