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Video | Another big week for Biden gaffes

3 thoughts on “Video | Another big week for Biden gaffes”

  1. WED a.m: got an alert yesterday that my town will be on grid lock alert as the President is visiting Westchester ( NY) Community College. Alert is from 11am-4pm.
    I suppose he will trot out his free education lark again. Or something about good union jobs. What he should be telling the kids there is that guess what, starting tomorrow, all your upcoming jobs are threatened by my insane abolishment
    of Title IX.

    Then old Joe shuffles down to NYC to hob nob with his peeps, the ones that refuse to take the subway due to high crime,

    Issues you will nothing on today include: Crime, Inflation, Illegals, Gangs, Fentanyl, Cost of living, Womens Rights in sport.


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