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Biden bolts Cabinet meeting to grab tacos with Kamala

Sorry to make you look at this.

At least he knows where he is going.

The president cut his Cabinet meeting short, ending it after less than half an hour, and headed out to DC’s Tacqueria Habanero with Vice President Harris.

2 thoughts on “Biden bolts Cabinet meeting to grab tacos with Kamala”

  1. 100 yrs from now, people will look at this stuff and wonder how we got to this point.
    Lord, I hope that happens.

  2. Hopefully, the Cabinet Members stayed in session and seriously discussed the 25th Amendment which gives them the responsibility and authority to un-seat a President when he/she is unfit to serve. But, I doubt they did….it’s easier for them to simply take their orders from obammma/rice/jarret/soros.

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