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Biden stops working, lets Harris run the country this week

President Biden hasn’t done a single daytime event or appearance since Monday. And as of now, nothing is scheduled for Friday.

According to Fox News:

President Biden assigned himself a light schedule this week with no public events from Tuesday through Thursday, and let Vice President Kamala Harris take the lead on a meeting with companies on artificial intelligence.

The only listed activity from Biden today was a private briefing with Harris, who will then meet with tech executives on AI and then depart to Richmond, Virginia, for an event on small businesses. The president is not listed as an attendee for either event.

Also today, first lady Jill Biden will fly to the United Kingdom for King Charles III’s coronation — an invitation the president declined to attend.

Biden spoke at an event Monday on Small Business Week then had a meeting with the president of the Philippines. He spent Saturday at festivities for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

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  1. Hidin’ Biden
    The real story is that the WH knows the whistleblower story is poised to blow the lid off of Biden Inc. so they want loose lips Joey under wraps.

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