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Video | Karine Jean-Pierre won’t say why Biden doesn’t acknowledge his granddaughter

Do the circumstances of her birth – via a stripper Hunter Biden met while he was dating his late brother’s former wife – make her any less President Biden’s grandchild?

Let me consult my genetics textbook from college.


Nope, that’s his grandchild.

No doubt the reporter who asked this got some nasty phone calls from the Whtie House after the briefing – and maybe even some nasty looks from her liberal colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Video | Karine Jean-Pierre won’t say why Biden doesn’t acknowledge his granddaughter”

  1. Doesn’t the definition of spokesperson sort of require you to speak on behalf of those you represent?

    KJP’s demeanor is starting to change, getting a bit cranky. Any bets on her departure date, she looks fed up.

    Last thought: If the WH Press will not follow up with hard Qs for KJP when she makes her ridiculous comments, why not all just start laughing at her? It would send the message that she looks and sounds idiotic up there.


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