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President Biden pretends his seventh grandchild doesn’t exist

Well, she does. Her name is Navy Joan Roberts, currently using her mother’s last name. And why should she suffer because of how she came about?

Below is President Biden this week listing his grandchildren. But just six of them. He does not mention his son Hunter’s lovechild with a stripper.

Imagine if Donald Trump was refusing to acknowledge a grandchild, what a monster people would say he is.

5 thoughts on “President Biden pretends his seventh grandchild doesn’t exist”

  1. This is just wrong in so many ways. I guess the Bidens feel that if they don’t acknowledge her as a member of the family she doesn’t exist. How will she feel when she is old enough to understand how she was treated by her paternal family? How do they sleep at night, oh that’s right these people have no conscience.

  2. the Biden rule: If you don’t want to admit to something, act like it never happened.
    This issue with the girl is personal, but the rule still applies:

    There is no border crisis
    We are not on the brink of recession
    We did not leave thousands of Americans stranded in Sudan
    Crime is not a big issue in America today
    Everybody loves me

    1. Hi Harv, don’t forget:
      Obama had gov Stevens’ back
      Bill Clinton didn’t inhale
      The 12 or 13 people that voted for conservatives are completely insane

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