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Video | Hillary Clinton NOT endorsing Ron DeSantis

If you want to see how deceptive videos can be made to seem, have a look at this. Beware of fake stuff, there’s a lot of it coming our way as artificial intelligence takes hold.

2 thoughts on “Video | Hillary Clinton NOT endorsing Ron DeSantis”

  1. Hillary endorsing DeSantis! He would be better off receiving an endorsement from me!


    BTW, that is such a good quality video and so realistic. That is truly terrifying.

  2. Tell ya what, considering our current Commander, I would take her or his Slickness any day.
    BTW: Driving home Friday from work, I see this guy walking briskly with one serious looking guy about 3 steps behind him. On a main street in Mt Kisco NY. Yep, Billy Clinton out for a stroll on a very main road. Almost no security and without a care in the world. I gave him a quick hello and wave and he did the same. Just being neighborly. Guess he needed a respite from the haus frau.


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