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Did George Soros fund Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg?

Well, let’s ask that conservative right-wing organization, the New York Times:

Mr. Bragg announced his candidacy for the position in June 2019. Nearly two years later, on May 8, 2021, the political arm of Color of Change, a progressive criminal justice group, endorsed him. It pledged to spend $1 million on direct mailers, on-the-ground campaigning and voter turnout efforts on his behalf. (It did not donate to Mr. Bragg’s campaign directly.) A few days later, on May 14, Mr. Soros contributed $1 million to the group, which intended to help Mr. Bragg with the money.

Get it? $1 million announced for Bragg, a few days later Soros donates $1 million. Even the New York Times makes the connection. The left is focusing on the fact that Color of Change in the end only spent $500,000 on Bragg. That is still $500,000 in George Soros spending in a local race designed to benefit Bragg, a huge sum.

The left is defending Soros by accusing conservatives of being anti-Semitic for calling Soros out, because he happens to be Jewish. Without specific evidence, this is a very dangerous thing that actually hurts Jews. Who knew Soros was Jewish until the left started pointing it out?

It is undeniable that Soros is spending tens of millions of dollars funding left-wing causes. He richly deserves the conservative portrayal of him as a threat to their cause. Did the left object to itself when in the same way it demonized the Koch brothers and the Murdochs? Did the right say they were anti-WASP or anti-Aussie?

Invoking Soros’s Jewishness irresponsibly attaches of Jewish identity to the political debate. The religion of people involved in politics cannot become a weapon to be used by the right or, in this case by the left. Once you do this, it is a very short step from using it to defend Jews to using it to attack them.