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Biden and his aides misled Americans about the China spy balloon

Nothing to see here! Just a cute balloon! No problem letting it fly across the United States.

Well, problem.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Remember when a Chinese spy balloon flew across the entire continental United States? The Administration is hoping the public has forgotten about the February fiasco, so it’s all the more important to note that the Biden narrative about this spectacle is losing altitude as more details emerge.

Press reports on Monday suggest that the Chinese spy balloon that entered U.S. air space near Alaska on Jan. 28 was able to collect intelligence on American military sites. The balloon was spotted flying in Montana, home to intercontinental ballistic-missile fields. U.S. officials told NBC News that the Beijing blimp could fly in figure-eight pirouettes, lingering over areas of interest. The balloon could pick up electronic signals and transmit information to Beijing in real-time, NBC reports.

This is a Sidewinder missile through the White House-Pentagon talking points at the time, namely that the balloon didn’t present a big intelligence risk and couldn’t suck up better information than Chinese satellites in low-earth orbit. Americans were supposed to believe that China would go through the trouble of building a global balloon flotilla, spotted all over Europe and Asia, for no spying benefit.

2 thoughts on “Biden and his aides misled Americans about the China spy balloon”

  1. Yeah, but what about Trump, what he did?
    That will be the drumbeat for the next 12months plus. Every time there is smidge of bad news, the WH and their cohorts will chime ” what about Trump”?

    DJT is the gift that keeps on giving to the left and the media ( redundant)

    Example: did ANYONE notice Stormy Daniels was issued a court order to pay DJT for court expenses on her failed civil lawsuit? This happened YESTERDAY, she was directed to pay over 100k to him. From a California court. And coupled with her other court orders, she now owes DJT over $400k.

    Ho hum

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