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Video | Cruz rips apart Mayorkas over immigration crisis

This is worth watching in its entirety. There’s not a dull moment.

Because it has gone on so long, and because the mainstream press doesn’t care, the crisis at the border is just about being forgotten as illegal immigrants pour across the border and the Biden administration does absolutely nothing.

The drama of this exchange will help keep the pressure on to do something to stem the flow, although it is unlikely much will happen until Republicans retake the White House.

In the same hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley forced Mayorkas to admit that Chinese nationals are infiltrating the country in increasing numbers.

1 thought on “Video | Cruz rips apart Mayorkas over immigration crisis”

  1. Cruz was relentless. At times that comes off as badgering, annoying, condescending. But in truth, you must push hard to get firm answers and not hyperbole. Mayorkas looks foolish, deflective. He had to know the hard questions were coming. He offered nothing, because he has nothing. Josh Hawley is equally impressive, seeking answers to obviously crazy situations and still, Mayorkas is skirting issues. How does a busload of Chinese men end up in Mexico? And HE is in charge of protecting 1954 miles of linear border. I wouldn’t let him park my car at Dennys;/

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