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Video | EPA administrator wants $375 million for ‘environmental justice’

Where’s the justice for middle-class taxpayers who are subsidizing more income redistribution of their . . .  income?

2 thoughts on “Video | EPA administrator wants $375 million for ‘environmental justice’”

  1. Horse crap, plain and simple horse crap.
    Putin and Xi are serious players in the world.
    We are not, we diddle with ESG and environmental justice. Heck what is that anyway?

    Here’s a simple question for the folks that put up this bill:
    Your household garbage bill is $50 per month, they do a nice job.
    You are told that the carting company, with new management, has established an “environmental justice” dept and they intend to work in an environmentally justified manner. Oh, by the way, your monthly tab is now $250. What is your plan of action?

    1. Harv, that is a likely result of all this. Actually, just about everything this administration does will result in a lower standard of living, whether it results from higher taxes, inflation, or encumbering taxpayers with more other bullshit that just makes it harder to live a free life. The left is either consciously trying to destroy the country, or they are doing it ignorantly. Which is worse? I don’t know.

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