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Video | Fauci gets serious pushback from a regular American on vaccines

It would seem that both Dr. Anthony Fauci and the producers of this PBS documentary assumed that the guy resisting taking the vaccine looked like an idiot.

But instead, it shows Fauci and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to be a pair of out-of-touch arrogant elites.

This man is making a reasonable case that he doesn’t want a new kind of vaccine put in him, and that the government has been giving out erroneous information about Covid.

So who is the idiot here?

5 thoughts on “Video | Fauci gets serious pushback from a regular American on vaccines”

  1. These bozos are going door-to-door trying to root out the unvaccinated?? How Orwellian can we let this sad excuse for a federal government get? Where is freedom? Where is personal responsibility? Maybe don’t let yourself get 200lb overweight so a sniffle doesn’t kill you?

    I’m not vaccinated, I had covid pretty bad, got better, and I am not looking back. I don’t regret not getting vaccinated, and there is no way in hell I am getting that stupid shot. I have seen a lot of my friends, zealous about the vaccine, come down with all sorts of weird maladies. Strokes, aneurisms, one guy’s aorta
    “delaminated” (??). One guy’s left hand stopped working, he was having a stroke.
    A year later, the tiny article past the comics section reports that vaccines are linked to aneurisms and other stuff. How many people did the vaccines kill that would have survived covid? Where is the outcry?? I’ll tell you why this is acceptable, it’s because a lot of people are so f’ing selfish they don’t care if you die from the vaccine, they just don’t want you to give them covid.

    600,000 covid cases the worm said. If I felt for a second that we were being fed honest research results, I may feel different, but they were PAYING HOSPITALS to report covid cases. How slanted can you make your data? Guy gets killed by a drunk driver on his way to get a covid test? Yep, another covid death.

    Where were the investigative journalists? Why was the entire MSM in on the agenda to strip away some of the final freedoms we have? Pathetic!

    What a bunch of jackasses. The guy is right, their main goal is to make people afraid. The left is incredibly good at preying on the weak minded, making people think their dear leaders have their backs. What a crock of shite.

    If they showed up at my house I would tell them to get the f off my property before I come back to my door armed. Where I live in MT, nobody would dare do what these jackasses were doing.

      1. Another friend today, another vaccine fan, came down with a cold, then his nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. Another burst blood vessel in the head. Coincidence? Maybe/probably, but with the slanted agenda-driven health care system that “has our backs”, I doubt the truth will ever be on the table, unless it means more money for big pharma. Either way, I’m not going to trust these jackasses. Just glad his burst blood vessel was in his sinuses, not his brain.

  2. I have questions. This was a PBS doc, suspicious already. When was this done, does not look current? What was the purpose of the doc, to make Dr F look good? Fauci sold this pandemic as something completely natural, out of our control. If so, why did Fauci go on tv daily to spout on about the origins and how he was going to be the white knight on the horse, here to save us. In my humble opinion, Fauci is evil. He hid the funding, he hid the origin, he lied about the vax efficiency. He smiled into the camera with his grandfather looks and people bought it. There is a dungeon cell at Dannemora prison waiting for him, if not in this life, the hereafter. Then again, it could be the raccoon dog, …. right

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