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Kamala Harris booed at NCAA basketball game

Vice President Harris appeared in Iowa to support her alma mater Howard University in a first-round losing cause against defending national champion Kansas.

Sadly – let’s be honest – you can’t hear the boos in this video

She’s lucky she doesn’t have to do the Iowa primary.

You can hear her giving a post-game consolation pep talk to the team after the game, during which she congratulated them for playing “to the very last second” despite getting creamed, 96-68.

1 thought on “Kamala Harris booed at NCAA basketball game”

  1. If I was the coach, I would have refused her entry to the locker room. Seriously, she probably never attended a game in the last 20 yrs, never read a game write up, and here they are in the playoffs and NOW you show up to shower shallow praise on a team that got their butt kicked.? Thanks but no thanks. Its insulting. Would love to see the thought balloons over the players heads in that moment.

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