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Video | White House press corps begins to rebel


President Biden basically doesn’t take questions from the press, and certainly has stopped holding press conferences.

You know why.

It used to be that when a foreign leader came to visit the president, they would do a “two plus two” – two leaders, each getting two questions at a press conference.

Biden isn’t doing those and won’t tomorrow when the prime minister of Ireland visits. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to blame the Irish. And she told reporters that they could ask questions during a “pool spray” of the two leaders, which is when they pose for the cameras after a meeting and might take a question. The reporters noted that during those sessions, White House staff, including her, are screaming at them to get the hell out.

4 thoughts on “Video | White House press corps begins to rebel”

  1. A press secty that cannot answer simple questions about the press asking questions.
    She is likely a very nice person, but an incompetent public official.
    And not for nuttin’, but when was the last time you ran into an Irish person who did NOT want to talk? Trust me, I got that DNA in me.

    Tha Biden na ghaisgeach



  2. Next should be an interview with the Irish to confirm that this is how this decision (to not have the interview) was made. Is the press proactive enough for this or will they just sit and scheme for sound bites like they have devolved to do?

      1. Beams, not answering questions is being transparent. They are transparently obstinate in their rude treatment of the press and thusly, the American people

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