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House GOP wants to know who bought Hunter’s art

Were the buyers enamored of Hunter Biden’s artistic style, or did they want something else?

Maybe just check if they actually put the paintings up on their walls.

According to the New York Post:

A congressional committee is tightening the screws on Hunter Biden’s art dealer to turn over information about who bought the president’s son’s art — and how much they paid.

In a second letter sent to William Pittard — the lawyer for Biden’s Manhattan-based art dealer, Georges Berges — the Committee on Oversight and Accountability is pushing once again for details on collectors who ponied up for Hunter’s six-figure art.

“Given Hunter’s history of suspicious activity, it is deeply concerning that the President’s son continues to sell his amateurish work to anonymous purchasers for sky-high prices,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky), who heads the committee, told The Post via email.

The Post has seen the March 13 letter, which states that the committee “seeks information about the unidentified purchasers of Mr. Biden’s artwork and the non-public agreement with the White House concerning the same.”

2 thoughts on “House GOP wants to know who bought Hunter’s art”

  1. Maria B had Comer on this morning, shocking revelations that China gave $3,000,000 to a US firm right after Biden left the VP. NEXT DAY, the $3m is wired to Biden family members, with no apparent, logical reason. This was all out of bank records, not some innuendo. Comer is Captain America right now, pray he sticks to his mission. The hubris within the Biden family is scary. It may not get fully revealed because Garland is the sheriff, but it WILL emerge one day. Think about this: If Biden simply went back to the beach after his stint as VP, none of this would have come out. Conversely, a doddering old guy at the beach does not wield much influence, does he?

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