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Video | DeSantis makes his Iowa debut

See what you think.

The words are right. But is there a bit of a charisma challenge here?

3 thoughts on “Video | DeSantis makes his Iowa debut”

  1. Yup. Tim Scott is much more likeable, and doesn’t get flustered when challenged like Desantis was when challenged by Crist during Florida gov debates.

  2. Yes. The problem is YUGE. America needs Trump so Jared and Ivanka can run the country for four more years while Daddy Sore Butt spends sleepless nights posting garbage at 3:00 A.M.

    Sure, DeSantis is a successful and experienced executive but does he make you swoon?

  3. I want an effective leader, DeSantis checks off many of those boxes. And he is rarely off the mark.
    But America loves the rah rah more than the words. We shall see.

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