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Biden labor secretary pick oversaw massive fraud in California

She’ll do well in this administration.

According to the New York Post:

President Biden said Tuesday he will nominate deputy labor secretary Julie Su to replace Marty Walsh as labor secretary — despite Su overseeing billions of dollars in fraudulent handouts when she held the same post in California.

Su, 54, was the Golden State’s labor secretary from January 2019 to July 2021 and took heat for the fraud and also her agency’s sluggish distribution of COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

According to a nonpartisan report from August, payments to roughly 5 million Californians were delayed during the pandemic — while around 1 million more had their benefits wrongly denied.

But that looked like a minor hiccup after Su admitted in early 2021 that California’s Employment Development Department may have paid out as much as $31.4 billion in unemployment funds to fraudsters. More recent estimates put that amount as high as $40 billion.

1 thought on “Biden labor secretary pick oversaw massive fraud in California”

  1. Very few success stories out of California these days. But hey, Team Biden has never let us down with any of their appointments, have they?
    Mayor Petey
    Asst Secty of Health “Rachel” Levine
    Dept of Energy bag thief Sam Brinton.
    Anthony Blinken too much
    Janet show me the $ Yellen
    Kamala Yuck Yuck Harris

    What could go wrong?

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