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Video | Biden has no plans to go to East Palestine

Imagine how hard-hearted Donald Trump or George W. Bush would be portrayed as by the media if they failed to provide comfort during this disaster.

Actually, Trump did go there.

So who’s zoomin’ who?

1 thought on “Video | Biden has no plans to go to East Palestine”

  1. When Biden fumbles for words, you just shake your head and think how the heck did we get this? Even a few of my left leaning friends are saying he is just too old, too feeble. Uh, so that happened in the last 2 yrs? I think not.

    East Palestine is fly over country for the Dems.
    Biden and Mayor Pete just confirmed it this past week.
    All the libs and progressives consider middle America to be a bunch of hayseeds, incapable of intelligent conversation.
    In the end, middle America made this country, and still supports it with agriculture and manufacturing and yes, tech.

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