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Top Republican demands info on possible Secret Service help for Hunter Biden

The Secret Service, if they were ever assigned to Hunter Biden, would be supposed to protect to him from others, not from himself.

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) called for an investigation into the Secret Service’s alleged assistance of Hunter Biden.

In an appearance on Fox and Friends on Monday, Comer described the Secret Service’s behavior as “bizarre.”

“There are numerous instances where the Secret Service came and tried to bail Hunter out when he was in a jam, when he was in California and getting in all kinds of trouble, getting kicked out of a very exclusive hotel there. The Secret Service showed up to try to see if there was some way they could get him back to Delaware to his family to protect him,” Comer said. “And then with this gun application, there’s [sic] reports that the Secret Service went and visited the gun dealer and wanted a copy of the application.”

Particularly concerning about these instances, Comer argued, was that they occurred during a period when Biden didn’t have Secret Service protection.

“Joe Biden received Secret Service protection six months after he left the vice presidency and at the point when he declared for president.

Helps to have dads in high places.

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  1. I agree. It should be on the list Off Topic
    Here is a list of things I would do if I was president

    1, Close the southern border, Build the wall. End the anchor bady abuse.
    2. Start to finish the Keystone pipeline.
    3. Drill, drill, drill, Get energy independent.
    4. Get out of the Paris Accords.
    5. Plant trees in thr Alaskan trundra. A Russian expert claims more greenhouse gases are been released from the melting trunda than all the fpssil fuels being used worldwide. Trees cool the soil.
    6. Convert brown coal to clean burning hydogen.
    7. Decrease government regulations.
    8 Reduce the federal debt by 1 percent a year for next 10 years.
    9 End the adopt a donkey program
    10, Take a look at BIM and determine if they qualify for tax free status. The cofounder use $3 million of BLMs money to purchase a house. I do not think their donars meant for thei money to be spent that way
    11. I would do simething about the dems soft on crime polices.
    12 I would modify the student loan program. I would teduce the amount money.
    13 I would cut our dependence on China.
    14. I would recycle beer and soda cans and plastic.
    15.I would have the SEC decrease the amoint of lawyers and increase the accountants in ordet prevent fraud.

    Many of these are from Trump. I think he should stop attacking people
    He has that problem plus his age and what happen on the 6th. Pompeo woild made a good president. DeSantis is very effective as governor.

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