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Kamala Harris announces that the US is throwing more money at Latin America

We’ve been sending money for years to Latin America. It’s been going on in a major way since at least as far back as John Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress. It never helps. This is a cultural problem, not a financial one. Use the money to build a wall.

From remarks Harris made today.

Today, it is my pleasure to announce additional private-sector commitments and, in particular, a private-sector commitment, in total — in addition to the 3.2 — of $956 million. So, that brings us to a total of more than $4.2 billion to date.

Today’s announcement also includes commitments from the apparel, the textile, and the financial services industries.

Since the launch of the call to action, our administration has collaborated with the Partnership for Central America to engage nearly 50 companies, foundations, and nonprofits to work together in this effort.

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris announces that the US is throwing more money at Latin America”

  1. Throwing money at problems again.
    And America sings “while my guitar gently weeps”.

    Harris is not a serious person.
    We need a serious person with a serious solution.

    ps. Word out of NYC is Mayor Swag Adams is now shipping migrants to Canada, Plattsburg NY ( border town) and destinations in the south to help theses folks fulfill their wishes and dreams. Gee, wasn’t DeSantis & Abbott doing the same thing just a short time ago? Seems to me we have a game of hot potato going on. ( almost said tamale but that would cancel me out).

  2. We could stop this invasion if we threw that money towards sealing our own border, and hiring more border agents. We could also stop the Chinese produced Fentanyl scourge that’s killing hundreds of thousands of American citizens. But that suggestion wouldn’t help Democrats.

  3. It’s just a ploy to further make the illegals here in the US and the ones still south of the border but are considering coming across illegally think that the left cares about them. Maybe some of them do (haha!! right), but it is as subtle as Satan.

    1. Good thoughts Beamer. Maybe Team Biden can hire Sam Smith to croon ditties about satanic worship, like an updated, hip PSA. He seems to like that gig
      Good grief.

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